Using undo against noob-bot

[I’m sorry if this is a repost, I tried to search carefully but am brand new so might have missed something.]

My question is about using “undo” against the noob bots. Whenever I try to undo my move, the bot has already played by the time I navigate to chat and type “undo”. This leads to the system asking me to grant the bot an undo (which I do). Even typing “undo” again as quickly as I can after accepting the bot’s undo doesn’t seem to let me undo the move I’d made before the bot responded.

Does anyone know what I’m missing?

Thanks so much in advance, and for this site, which I’m already loving despite being so new.

I can see that the noob_bot doco describes that it will accept undo, but I can see how this problem would occur.

I think you need to approach the admin of noob_bot to ask how that is supposed to work. This appears to be the best place to try that: noob_bot

Ah wonderful. I will do that, thank you!

You are unfortunately running into a major defect of OGS’s undo feature, namely you can only ask for undo on your opponent’s move. So if they reply fast, you can’t ask for undo. It would be better if you could also ask undo on your move, thus undoing your move and the opponent’s reply. This is how undo works on every other server I have used. Here’s my feature request for it here: Allow undo request on your move


Thanks so much for your post @Uberdude. It seems that the noob bots are an exception to that rule about the timing of an undo request, however, as it’s working for me now and the problem was likely user error on my part (not all that unusual a phenomenon). Either way though, I’ll check out your feature thread right now.

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It’s not very clear in noob bot doc so let me ask

Is it possible to ask for a undo in a ranked game or is this feature only available in unranked games?

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It seems to be available at least once in a ranked game, yes. There are limits per game, though. I’m not sure what the limits are but have asked and will report back when I hear.

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weird. I mean with undoing (playing offline) against a bot I get 2 or 3 levels stronger…

is air-bagging less important as sandbagging?

anyway thanks for asking and telling us later the limits.

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Well I was wrong again. It seems my time to edit the instructions I’d posted earlier ran out, so I’ve deleted that post. Here is the proper method:

  1. Type “undo” in chat.
  2. Accept the bot’s undo request.
  3. Click on the small black/gray undo button to the left of pass.

Your stone should be removed, and it should be your turn.

According to the noob bot group, the limit for unranked games is 5 undos. I just tried on a ranked game, and it allowed me 4.


That’s an interesting question about air-bagging vs. sandbagging. I suppose air-bagging self corrects more quickly once someone plays another person rather than a bot? Either that or it’s the honor system, and expects that you only use so many if you were mis-clicking, which also makes sense to me.

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It’s as boring to play someone too weak as someone too strong (well boring for the stronger at least).
But i see problems where no one see so i won’t insist.
Happy gaming!