Utaro Hashimoto puzzles

White begins and lives.

Source: Utaro Hashimoto, 1980, page 3 (ISBN4-381-00571-6)

I think I know this one. :grin:

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As in “I know how to solve this one” or as in “I have seen this one before”?

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I have seen that L shape.
I don’t remember all of the stones, so perhaps it was just similar.
The solution seems pretty straightforward though. White needs two eyes. There’s an obvious move to do that, even though it isn’t very frequently played in real games, so it could look as a weird move.


So true.


A19 is the move. It is a vital point for White. If Black plays A19 first, White dies.

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And one more :innocent:

Your puzzle is inaccessible for me.

Okay, just started to put some puzzles on site, but I am not familiar with all the ins and outs of OGS Puzzle page yet.
Will look in to it right now.

Edit: removed the private option. Does it work now?

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I can see it.
I have options for flip and swap enabled.
I don’t know which colour moves first and what’s his goal (black to kill, white to live,…)
I think you could put that caption to your puzzle in a way that it’s automatically updated when the puzzle is flipped or colours are swapped. I don’t know how, though.

Haha, just taking my first steps on puzzle page and it works. Good enough for now. Later I will fine tune it and I think I will ask a certain mod to help me.
Caption, also get to that later.
Like the problems?

I put in the captions for the first 38 puzzles.

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