Vacation bug?

Hi! I’ve been playing a game against player Vicarios and he’s been on vacation in most of the game. His vacation was ending this week so I figured he’d be back on the game. He hasn’t played a move though, so I looked at his profile and he doesn’t have the “on vacation” thing on it ---->
In our game the timing shows he is on vacation---->
Is there a bug on the game? Because I looked at his remaining time of vacation a few days ago and he should have ran out of it by now, so I don’t think the problem is with his profile. Thanks a lot!

Very interesting, perhaps the fact that he ran out of vacation time instead of terminating his vacation on his own has something to do with this. Bump, problem is still there. It’s the only game that appears on vacation in his profile. It’s really annoying cause it’s an absolute-time game and if I’m running out of time I should know it

@legas In that tournament vacation was not supposed to be used, so maybe you could arrange with @Vicarios to finish it live some day?

Yeah, it couldn’t be used because it was a fast torunament. He entered vacation and dried it all out too. Thanks for solving it