Vacation mode Error

Hi there, I was going to put my profile in to Vacation mode so that I would not be forcably timed out, just in case, because of the issue talked about in the “Game Stuck on Loading”, topic. however, when i clicked to activate Vacation mode, the below image is what showed up.

I feel this may be related to the cirrent issues being talked about in, “Game stuck on Loading” but I’m obviously unsure.

If i see any other issuses i shall be sure to report them.

Image of Vacation mode error:




Given that the post was made around the time of the server problems, I assume this might be connected as well and should probably work now. If you would not mind trying again @Lord_o_o_Spoon. And sorry about the trouble.


I can confirm that it is now working!

Thank you very much for your time. And no worries, issues happen, problems occur, it happens! S’all good!

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