Variations in auto-review SGF file are broken

I looked at a couple of my recent auto-generated SGF reviews (i.e. by clicking the button “SGF with AI review”). It seems variations are being started entirely with AB properties, which makes no sense, because it means adding a black stone, even when it should be a white move.

It then alternates between AW and AB, so in the event that the first stone was the wrong colour, so is every stone in the entire variation.

Also, moves in SGF files (including variations) should be indicated with B and W properties. AB and AW properties should generally not be used, except for setting up positions. There are several problems with using AB and AW instead, including the fact that a properly conforming SGF program will not even remove zero-liberty stones when a position is created with AB / AW (because, again, those properties are for setup, not moves).


I think I noted something similar a while back in response to this thread SGF file download with AI review

I think it was supposed to have been relayed on, but either it was fixed and broke again, or something else came up that took priority. I suppose a lot of updates has happened since then :slight_smile:

I should check and see if it’s reported on GitHub also


I guess this is the same issue: