Vertical movements tree

No sure if this is the place for suggestions.

About movements tree, I think could be better to have it vertical instead hotizontal. Is not too much comfortable to navigate between movements. You can modify heigth but is not usefull with movements on horizontal, and you can’t change the width. I think is better to let the movements go down, and open trees to the right, width will be enough for almost all cases and just this weird situations you can scroll right if needed, and you can resize height to have more movements in sight to come back from a long variation or whathever.



I believe you can hold shift if you use a mouse with a scroll wheel to scroll left and right. Then with a track pad or mobile scrolling left and right isn’t too bad.

I feel like a decent amount of moves can fit horizontally, but I’m not sure about the different layouts how much could fit vertically without knocking things out of the window. Maybe someone can explore it.

That said, if looking back on a finished game, I probably end up using the ai review graph mostly to jump to different points of the game. That might hint at it being not so easy to jump around.

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