Very bad game vs 3 Dan

hello people thanks for others rewied i had very bad game vs 3 dan , any can rewied this game why he win easy me

Why he won easily: because he is a 3 dan, and you’re a 13 kyu. That’s 15 ranks difference. So no surprise there.

I put some comments in a review

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You know what they say: “your first mistake was sitting down to play”.


once awhile i pick a game with d player on purpose just to remind how bad i am and how stressful this game can be, lol


More generally a 3d has more tools than you, for example a decent grasp och life and death and tesuji, joseki, fuseki, positional judgment & endgame.

All you need to do is aquire the same tools and get more experience.

If you study and absorb the following you will get much closer:

Tesuji: Fujusawa Shukos dictionary of basic tesuji, 4 volumes.
Life and Death: All about life and Death by Cho Chikun + all except the last of the collections here: + do problems in the various apps whenever you have time

For joseki: Most books are outdated since AI but browse through one of the many ones to get a feel for how to handle most situations. Many still use the old joseki, and some are still good even after AI. Study pro games for more up to date variations.

Positional Judgment: Nie Weiping - The art of positional judgment

Endgame: Any endgame book

Play alot, study pro games.

This is just my favorites, browse around and see what works for you.

Good luck!

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thanks all !