Very new, looking for any teaching games

Hey friends,

I have been playing go for a number of years, but at a very superficial level. I only recently decided to commit to a systematic approach to the game after going to my local go club a few weeks ago. I am very much a beginner, but I am eager to learn and I am sure everyone here has a lot to teach me, from technique to approach to tournaments, etc. I am open to any format of game - board size, rules, time limits can be your preference. Of course, if at some point I can help others, I hope to offer teaching games as well. But for now, I don’t feel that I would be of benefit to anyone except those who have never played before.

Thanks in advance!


Challenge sent. It’s 9x9 Fast Correspondence. I’m not the most accomplished teacher but hopefully I’ll find something useful to say. :slight_smile:


Well that was intense. I’m still short on experience and confidence as a teacher so if any practised teachers would like to comment on my teaching style please feel free to do so.

I am happy to confirm that @leeweii is no time-waster so if anyone else it considering taking up the request, he is likely to provide a worthwhile experience for all concerned.