Vienna International ("Austrian Open")

We are pleased to invite the Go players to „Vienna International“, which will take place in Vienna, Austria on October 07-08, 2023.

Tournament Information

Registrations link ; Participants

This will be the largest Go-Tournamnet in Austria since COVID.

Up to 90 places can be filled by Go enthusiasts.


1st place - 250 EUR

2nd place - 200 EUR

3rd place - 150 EUR

4th place - 100 EUR

5th place - 50 EUR

Win 5 of 5 games – Entry Fee + 1x SGF Training by Elmi Go School

Win 4 of 5 games - 1x SGF Training by Elmi Go School


Elmi Go School

Keep Sente!

Bernd Theodor “Hippopotamus” Breyer

Chairman of D.E.K. Hungry Hippos


Just a few days to the tournament!

Registration is open!

Keep Sente!