Visual issues. Feature: stone customization

I’m reporting minor visual issues that I could observe so far while using new stone customization.

Stones cast no shadows. In case you aim for realism, it affects general outlook, especially when used in combination with basic ogs stones.

Solution: add option to turn on casted shadows for round objects manually.

Max sprite size is smaller than that of basic ogs stones or old customizable stones. I think it’s a very minor issue and can be neglected. I’m just sharing what I found. (it might be that I imagined it and it’s just a visual illusion, though I doubt that)

  1. Custom stone (non transactions white background) and basic ogs stone.
  2. Custom stone (transparent background) and basic ogs stone.
  3. Custom stone (transparent background) and basic ogs stone without casted shadow.
  4. Custom stone (transparent background) and “old” custom stone.

It’s definitely the case that I deliberately turned off shadows for custom stones.

“It’s not a bug its a feature” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It is conceivable that we could have an option to turn them on - it’d be a switch in that same selection panel. It was moderately laborious to get the custom-stone-panel to lay out nicely even as it is, I might take some convincing that it’d be worth adding another choice to it.

Can’t you just include some shadow in your custom image? :face_with_monocle:

Next thing you’ll be asking for is a reflection overlay of the stone beneath, so that the reflections are the correct colour :wink:

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Sprite has defined borders, shadow will have go beyond those borders, so, unfortunately, no, it’s impossible without making “smaller” stone even smaller.

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No, I won’t :wink:, I don’t think It’s feasible. It would be easier to just make a 3d goban game in unity to render all the reflections irl instead of going crazy while trying to implement it half way into ogs.

Well, I didn’t ask for a feature in first place. Clossius, basically, spearheaded this idea to the end singlehandedly. I just wanted to share these minor details so that you would have the information. You can do nothing more and this feature will be no less great.


Ooo - redo in "unity’ :thinking:


Note: I was definitely joking, and in no way complaining about the suggestion/observation you made!

I even seriously considered adding a switch to turn on the shadow…

I just happened to notice that the reflection on the bottom of the blue stones looks white :slight_smile: .


I just felt it was odd time and place for a joke in first place.

Unfortunately reflective surfaces reflect the surroundings. That’s why I tried to find photos made by same person in same enviroment, so that patch of reflected light will be if not the same, but very close in all stones, so it won’t be odd when you use them together(“why main light source on this stone is coming from the right, but for this one it’s coming from the left” kind of thing).

If you’ll look closely you could see other stones reflected in stone itself. Imagine implementing that so it would correspond to the surrounding stones played. :exploding_head:

You’ve shared some beautiful stones! Thanks for those. I’ve enjoyed seeing them.


Other observations:

  1. First row or first 2 rows have issues with showing all moves on regular basis. Very large size of initial images which I use to customize stones very likely might be the reason behind it.

It should be tried if it still happens when player uses smaller images. Relatively weak hardware (I’m using ipad) might be a contributing factor.

1.5. All boards right after choosing fresh stones seem to not load all moves played. Simply reloading seems to solve it.

  1. I had sound lag while spectating, but immediately upon noticing that I tried playing moves on demo board and there was no lag. There’s no sound lag now. Maybe I need to try uploading and changing 20~ large size images for stones like I did before to confirm that two things are related. I have no idea how to reproduce it.

(I need link to the image. Creating new album seems unreasonable for this purpose.)
150x150 px

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If you would be kind enough to experiment and confirm if this is related to image size, that would be much appreciated.

Still seems to happen if I reload the page. Refreshing/reloading web page doesn’t seem to help and it sometimes shows all boards properly, sometimes there’s only one malfunctioning board and sometimes most boards out of 10 max don’t show stones properly.

Size doesn’t seem to be main reason behind it.

Comparison 1500 x 1500px (custom image board) and 150 x 150px (basic ogs board)

Thanks for that extra information - I’ll start digging into it.

What browser(s), operating system(s), device(s) do you see this on?

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