Wanna join a fantastic group?

Join the GOGOGO group on OGS please… It holds weekly tournaments that suits players in kyu level! 25 - 18 kyu tournaments and 17 - 1 kyu tournaments. You can chat and learn more. Make friends and challenge others!
Please support <3
Come on join it!

(Dan Players are highly pleased to join here and teach others!! Grateful!)

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Might I suggest including a link for the convenience of your readers? :slight_smile:

or, you know… I could I guess :stuck_out_tongue: https://online-go.com/group/1651

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Sounds like a good idea and a good initiative.
A bit of advice though: change the headline to something like “Join Group with weekly tournaments”, that way more people will look at it I think.

Also in case you didn’t know there are two more big forums about Go:


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