Want a look at this game (19x19 25k)

I mainly tried to surround and not get surrounded. I’d like a focus on simplicity on the reviews and where I could have turned the game around. Any reviews would be appreciated either on the game or in this topic. https://online-go.com/game/29172020

Move 7: the proverb is “Attach -> Hane” so when your opponent hits you at F16, try G16 and your opponent has to fall back at F15. When you try G16 later (move 11) your opponent can respond more strongly at G15.

Move 61: Try Q8. Make white live small on the side. In the game, white lives small and runs out to ruin the center as well.

Move 81: again “Attach -> Hane.” White connects to you, and you must punish him right away. He should die, or at least he should suffer immensely. Instead you let him have another move to stabilize and expand into the area you are counting on for territory.

A suggestion for turning the game around:

Think of the 9x9 board. You have probably played quite a few games on one, right?

Now, look at your game, now that it is over, imagine if you had to pull out a portion of the board, making a 9x9 board. throw out the rest of the board. just keep a 9x9 portion of it. but, whatever stones were on that portion of the board would remain. what part of the board would you choose to convert into a 9x9 board? ? probably a 9x9 portion of the board along the left side where there is a lot of empty space. it is in white’s territory but it is a lot of space still.

i would choose A5 to be the lower left corner of my 9x9 which would make J13 the upper right of the 9x9 board. that puts a lot of white enemy stones on the right side of this 9x9 board but look at the left side of the 9x9 board. there is so much empty. what, one white stone? so would you pass at this point or make a challenge? on a 9x9 board you would play a black stone in there wouldn’t you? so why not on a 19x19 board?

the game is lost if you don’t invade. maybe you still lose if you invade. maybe not. but, find out by trying.

(7) E17 is a hypermodern joseki – see https://online-go.com/joseki/11677

Black’s mistake in the game is that (13) is underplay and should be at H16.

(15) J16, allowing the G16 stone to be captured, also looks like a mistake.

Still, White makes a couple of dubious moves himself over the course of this sequence ((10), (18)), so Black’s position isn’t a lot worse by (21).

(27) seems too locally focused. If you make a lot of exchanges in this area, you’ll lose the potential to invade at C3 since you’ll have made White’s corner too strong. Instead, it’d be better to just jump to K5 or retreat to N3, both moves which act to improve the solidity of the lower right.

You don’t need to play so low with (37). That move can be at J4, which would provide much better support to the K4 jump you make next.