Want to teach/study together

I’m not super amazing at the game or anything. Currently 6k with ~500 games logged and I started playing almost year ago (already!). Really enjoy correspondence and occasional live games. Awful at blitz.

I just thought the road to improvement would be less lonely with friends.


I am currently correspondence only as I rarely have uninterrupted time for a whole match, so lenghty sessions would be a no go for me.

But if we’re talking about occasional game/review, them I’m game. :grin:


Im happy to get beaten up by stronger players to learn, so if you wanna hit me up for a never ending spree of correspondence games, please, by all means!


I’m not that much into correspondence or playing in general but I’m definitely into studying together, especially if you already have ideas about how. Perhaps one of us could study the 3-3 aji after kick and the other can study the long-long-knight weakness in that side joseki and we teach each other? Something along those lines? Add me/pm me if you’re interested in that (I’m around 5k btw).