Want to upgrade membership but paid for a year

Hello, I am currently a site supporter at the 4$/Aji a month level and would like to upgrade my site support membership for the 6$/Hane level for the better AI processing since I believe I have outgrown the basic processing features.

The problem is I paid for my Aji membership annually and I am not sure what will happen if I cancel and then resubscribe at the 6$ level. I am planning on getting the annual billing at the 6$ level as well if that is relevant.

Is there any simple way to do this ? or is the extra money that I paid for the yearly $4 membership just gone. If so that is not the worst case since it goes to the site but I am trying to be efficient with my spending


@anoek ?


Hi @conair92 , thanks for the support! I’ll send you a PM to work out the details


Hi there, I’m in a similar position. I’ve paid for a month on 26th Sep, but would like to upgrade without losing the part of the month that I’ve paid for already.

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