WANTED: Illustrator for a kids book about Go

Hello! I’m working on a manuscript tentatively titled “Go for Kids.” It’s a primer aimed at teaching Go to kids ages 8-12, with chapters on what Go is, capture, territory, tactics, and opening principles on the 9x9 board. It’s about 60% done and I’d like to bring in an illustrator, preferably someone from the Go community, or a friend of someone who is.

Interested persons should send me a message with an art sample. I don’t expect to make money off of it, but I’m still willing to pay for quality art.

Much love.


I’m not an illustrator, but if you need any help with proofreading or editing I’d be honored to be useful. I am working on a book about the same topic myself, but if yours is already so close to being done then I’d be happy to simply help you in any way possible. :slight_smile:


You could consider getting in touch with Mike Medaglia, he has done Go related illustrations for the BGA fairly recently. Not sure if he still plays Go, but his illustrations are pretty and definitely kid friendly.


nice project :smiley: you can contact me if you like my work: facebook page “Stoned on the Goban” :slight_smile:


Well, honestly I do not have much experience with kid’s stuff, but I love the idea too much not to give it a shot. :smiley: So if somehow no-one with more experience worked out, I humbly offer my services.

Obviously, On an actual project I would spend more time, and we could discuss different styles, but as a rough approximation of what I am capable of, I think this should suffice :slight_smile:

“What is Go” (baby don’t hurt me) :musical_note:


Looks great!

That board on the right between the chess and and the chinese checkers reminds me of nine men’s morris. Is that what it’s meant to be?

My sister might be interested. She does realistic people from all over the world.

Here is a link to her DeviantArt.


Oh, these are really nice!

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Humble as she is, @KyamiRefur omitted the link to her FB page, so here it is:

p.s.: I LOVE the two Go-themed mugs I purchased from her for the local Go club.


Yes - I have the squirrel mug on my desk at work. Sadly people only comment on the squirrel and don’t get that it is Go-themed :<


I have the Dragon and the Monkey Jump, and I tell everybody who wants or doesn’t want to know :smiley:

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Are you still looking for an illustrator? I’m a go novice but have a lot of experience teaching thru illustration. Check out my work at adit.io. I would suggest doing a smaller project first to see if our work styles are compatible.