Was it reasonable to play for kill in this game?

In a recent game, I set out to kill an invasion that looked sickly which worked and won me the game. However, the fact that it worked doesn’t really assure that it should have worked if both players played their strongest moves. Therefore, I would like some input whether this decision was reasonable considering the whole board.

The invasion in question starts at move 36.

Yeah, I think the invasion was working from move 1 because the position was so open. I’m pretty sure VincentCB told you the same thing. Where we differ is that I would play the sequence you played in the real game, but I would play 45 at P11 or perhaps tenuki. After the real-game 45, white could have jumped out and ruined your area while increasing eye space. In my opinion, you shouldn’t risk the game in this way when you’re not losing yet.

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I agree that 45 at P11 would be better than the game, I didn’t mention it in the review. However I would still prefer not kicking at all and playing 37 at R12. It seems to me if black kicks and white ends up living easily, black’s influence has not been used very well.