Watch games rank filter and sort order

Thinking of adding a couple of features to Watch Game and wanted to get feedback.

When I go to watch games, I often want to:

  1. Filter on a rank range - ie only see games where one (or both) are within a range of tanks ranks.

  2. Filter where current number of moves is within a range.

  3. Sort the results - by eg current number of moves, rank of strongest player.

What do we think of the usefulness of these as features? Anything else in that space?


Also thinking of a 3rd compressed list view where each game is on one line.

Unless I’m misunderstanding, OGS already has that one: ​ Set “Show:” to 11 or more.

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Show: days how many games you want to see in the list, I believe, not as a filter condition.

This one the current filters do have a “beginning”, “middle”, “end” checkbox. I don’t really know how they work, but are you hoping to replace that with custom move ranges is it? Or an additional filter?

I can see the appeal of both methods - if I don’t want to figure out what the middle of a 9x9, 13x13 or 19x19 would look like as a move range, I can just check a box (though I don’t use it myself), but if I do have something specific in mind, like 20 moves in on 19x19 game, then the new one sounds useful.

I think the default sort I thought was supposed to be something like rank of the strongest player, but I’m not sure it works, so this sounds good :slight_smile:

How does this differ from the existing list view?

Ah - I was looking on my phone - on a narrow screen it is a bit messy - too much word wrap in some fields means each takes many lines. Probably just a tweak to that then so it does not wrap

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Yeah on phone the layout is horrendous, I had to flip mine horizontal to get something decent. Improvement to the (vertical) mobile layout would be stellar!