Watching a pro game

Pro game could be one of the longest thing to watch live in full length.
I am curious, did you try to watch one of these from the beginning to the end? If yes then how long did you stay?
Watching a live record does count, not only a video or to be there.

  • I never stay so long
  • I did (3 to 5 hours)
  • I did (6 to 10 hours)
  • I did (even more as 10hrs)
  • I do it many times

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Comments appreciated if any experience.

I’ve seen a few on YouTube that are about 1 hour and a half. They have live commentary and are quite entertaining (when there are sub to understand what they say :grin:).

So I miss an option in your poll:

  • I did (less than 2 hrs)

That’s nice and I expect more answers like yours too, but that’s not the topic, I want to see if anyone is enough crazy on go to watch these long normal time games, not the “blitz or semi-blitz” one.


I relayed Japanese 3h main time pro games on OGS for fun.

Wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.


Never from the beginning and a maximum of 5 minutes.


I’ve watched countless of long pro games, i think the longest were the relays of jubango games between Gu Li and Lee Sedol in 2014, iirc those games lasted like 5-7 hours on average.

I also watched all the LSD - alphago streams live in 2016, those were about 6 hours per stream with all the interviews and such, but since it was such a historic match, i really wanted to see them, even if they were streamed in the middle of the night for me ^___^


I am impressed because even if I could qualify myself as a bit of go addict, I never did that. May I ask, when watching do you search moves on a side board, open some joseki books or do you simply stay watching the game? That’s amazing to stay so long.

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I’ve watched a lot of 1.5 hour pro games, i.e. the NHK cup.

I also watched the Sedol vs. AlphaGo games, which were very long…

It helps a lot to have good commentators, though. Michael Redmond does a great job, and I always love Cho Chikun’s commentary


I would even watch Cho Chikun without caring about the match.


I watched the Lee Sedol – AlphaGo and the Ke Jie – AlphaGo games live, and those must have been more than six hours.

Those games, of course, were special:

  1. Historic
  2. Extremely high-level
  3. Professionally commented in English

I wouldn’t watch six hours of, say, Ilya Shiksin vs Ryan Li with commentary by xhu.


Yes, i play out some variations and read my mind off while watching those games xD
Espesially with the games that are played or relayed on ogs, with those i can play out variations easily and explore the possibilities and reasonings of pro moves. Though its most of the times ~impossible to understand why pros are playing the moves they do, they always have at least 2 or 3 good valid reasons behind each move, i’m lucky if i can somewhat understand even one of those xD


Even when pro’s use the same boards, stones and rules as we do, I seriously doubt if they play the same game.


Actually that match is happening tomorrow 9th of august, streamed on twitch! xD
But the commentary will be by Pavo Lisy 2p and Andrii Kravets 1p

Also today will be the match between Pavol and Andrii in ~2.5 hours from now, in case anyone wants to join and spent couple of hours with pro level european go ^___^


Having live video commentary is cheating. Because you don’t watch a pro game anymore, you watch commentators.

It’s completely different when you only watch a game relay for the enjoyment of looking at a strong game.

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Having live video commentary is less effective in an educational sense.
Cheating is negative and judgemental.


It’s a matter of levels. Sometimes cheating is good for you and your happiness.

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Having live video commentary is less effective in an educational sense.

Strongly disagree. Kyu players at least will learn much more with commentators revealing the relevant variations and techniques.


I was only rephrasing @S_Alexander’s words.

I don’t see that big of a difference. I’m not really as much watching the commentators as I am watching the game except having some moves explained and variations expanded on that I might not otherwise understand - even spending hours looking at it.