Way to embed 9x9 games?

Hi there. I’m starting a blog on 9x9 and am looking for a way to embed games into my posts. Eidogo does not work when trying to upload 9x9 sgfs. Anyone have any resources that might work for embedding a game into a blog post?


Would kifu be acceptable or do you need it to be an interactive board?

would be nice if it was interactive, but I’ll take what I can get. although if it’s just an image i can just as easily paste in a screenshot of different board states

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If you have a complete .sgf and want to upload that:
http://wgo.waltheri.net/ (demo: http://wgo.waltheri.net/demo/player/1)
http://jgoboard.com/ (demo: http://static.jgoboard.com/jgoboard/demoSGF.html)

Requires a bit of technical knowledge though. I might be able to help with the basics, but not much more.

If you want to relay live games or anything like that, I know of nothing.


ahh awesome! going to have to learn to code a bit i see xD do you have a recommendation for which one is easier to to learn as a beginner? Also for wordpress I think it has to be HTML

Not sure which is easier, but I like wgo board more, and it has better documentation…

Also not sure what you mean it has to be HTML, any such player will require at least javascript to function. But otherwise the coding is not so bad. You pretty much just copy - paste what the tutorial tells you to…

I’ll plug my personal project as well

BesoGo: https://yewang.github.io/besogo/
Code: https://github.com/yewang/besogo

Let me know if you need any help