Way to win as strange as possible

There is very easy way to win against any AI, if you have copy of it and it can think fast enough.
Algorithm of as strange as possible game against AI:
(1) place stone using random generator
(2) start game of AI against itself from this position
(3) IF copy of AI on your side won, go to next move;
ELSE: undo and go to (1) again.

Actually it plays as bad as possible to win. Against AlphaGo it will play better, but it still will be very strange.
I think it can play against human too, if AI you use plays far better than you. I didn’t create fully automatic script yet.

Theoretically it can draw any symbol on board and win. But it may take too many time. If instead of random generator you use sequence of certain coordinates.

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This supposes deterministic play which is not always true, but a reasonable demand.

But, in essence, this algorithm boils down to playing all possible games against someone and then picking one where you have won and saying “this is the game that counts”.

I experimented with this one a lot in my 15 kyu days.


I really enjoyed the few seconds of hesitance from my opponent, followed by not knowing where to play. So they just play on start points and pretend it never happened.

Suits my moyo-hatred very well :slight_smile: