Ways to build life in opponent-dominated areas...?

Move 52 of this, I felt pretty hopeless (I played black). Not that I didn’t have any territory, but I couldn’t really see any way of reliably gaining a foothold in the bottom half of the board. can anyone help ,e with strategy?


I was just watching your game. :slight_smile:

I have no experience to give advice (never played on 13x13 against human), but I think that your problems with the lower half of the board started since move 30.

Maybe a 3-3 invasion to catch a corner?

I look forward for answers by experienced players.

I probably don’t have the best answers, but I think you’ve got to think about the whole board much earlier. I put a review up with some things that may point that out.

If you had a chance to invade late, move 52 pretty much took it away, but I think the problems began very early.

Invading by Move 52 is indeed hopeless. Even the best pro player cant help u if W defends perfectly.

Answer: Invade earlier.

Nick Sibiky’s sabbaki lecture is pretty good. I’ll need to watch it again though, I can’t remember what it said XD.

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Do you have a link? Couldn’t find that lecture. I like his lectures a lot though so I’d like to check that one.

To sum up:

I thought people might say this, thanks for introducing me to Nick Sibicky, hadn’t found him before.

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As an afterthought, @lysnew, thank you so much for the senses library link, it was very useful!

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9 times out of 10, the best way to live inside an opponent dominated area is to never let such a large area to begin with. XD Still, I concede that’s not really advice, and “invade earlier” has already been broached, so I’ll try to help.

To begin with, at your level, the vast majority of the time by the time you finally realize that an opponent’s moyo needs to be invaded, it’ll already be far too solid and unassailable for any invasion to hope to succeed inside it. This is fine. Advice, proverbs, and study go a long way toward gaining strength, but one only really gets a handle on when invasions are hopeless by waging hundreds and hundreds of his own hopeless invasions.

Suppose it’s not too late for an invasion to succeed, though? How best to set it up? To begin, you’ll need space. Generally speaking, if you’re hoping to make life inside your opponent’s moyo, you’re going to need at least four points of space to work with, on at least the third line. There are (rare) circumstances where you can eek your way into a tiny life on the second line, generally in the corner, but the majority of the time, barring an error on your opponent’s end, you’ll need at least three lines of space to have a decent shot at life.

Okay, so you’ve surveyed your opponent’s moyo, and at the very least, it looks like there’s enough raw space inside for your invading forces to make eyes, now what? Well, you’re going to want as many friendly stones in the area as possible. Take advantage of every defect you can find in your opponent’s walls. Peep every cutting point, take every sente point. Every friendly stone in the immediate vicinity makes your attempt at invasion that much more likely to succeed.

You’ve made sure you had space, and set up a few friendly stones in sente, now it’s time for your invasion. Try to place your primary invasion stone in an area somewhat centralized inside your opponent’s moyo. Doing this will make it to where, if your opponent cuts off your ability to extend in one direction, you can instead extend the other way. Also, rather than seeing all of your opponent’s stones as a single, monolithic entity, try to look at each of the individual groups that make up his framework as seperate units. If you have to try to defend attacks from all sides without having any way to take the offensive, your invasion will have a hard time making life. By assessing each individual group separately, you may find a way to separate a particularly weak group from the rest. Even if you can’t kill it, if you can force your opponent to defend it, it may give you the breathing room you need to make life yourself.

Sadly, the only real way to get the hang of knowing when to invade and how is to play and review games. There are just too many variable and situations for it to be taught second hand.


TBH, I don’t think that’s the actual title, just what he talked about during the video. I think it’s the earlier invasion series (#7 on youtube) but I’ll get back when I figure it out.