Ways to figure out who is most active in different categories

I was kind of curious today, who posts the most topics/replies in specific categories? The only problem is that I don’t know how to find that out unless I go digging through every topic. This isn’t that bad for a topic like FAQ that only exists to help people with questions, not necessarily for people to come on and respond to, but in a topic such as General Go Discussion, there are many topics and replies to each topic(I would have to sort through 1294 replies just for the Go Memes thread), and there are many other long threads in that topic. Is there a way I can figure this out easily, or would I have to go through all of those steps to get it done?

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Why do we need to know this?


I feel like the OP answered that in their question: they said they are curious.

It seems to be interesting trivia much akin to who has the most likes or who is a regular.


Originally I was only going to do topics, but then I thought replies would be fun to see too. I got through one topic(FAQ) and then tried to do the support topic(really big). I got that crocrobot had the most topics with 4 in that category. Tomorrow maybe I will try and do the go classified category or if I am feeling brave, the meta topic(not replies though since that will take way too long).
Forgot about the uncategorized category(Anoek with 6 topics)

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Man, if you studied go this hard you might be quite good :wink: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


And I ran out of likes again. It says I only used up 96 likes in the users section of the forums. As of two days ago don’t I get 100 likes? I also thought I kept my liking down today. I guess not.

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I get too intimidated by looking at the number of moves I have from correspondence games. Going on is one thing, but coming on to that many moves is another. I have seen people comment about how they have 50 games and they think it is a lot, but I have way too many and I have more. Maybe that is why I end up accidentally stalling tournaments. Now I may need to report myself for going off topic :no_mouth:

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