Ways to improve my game

i can i improve and win other then againzst someone that has no clue what they doing

Then thing that helped me the most was to improve my understanding of the fundamental aspects of the game so that I felt I had a clue as to what’s going on, and made better decisions regarding what to do in that circumstance.

As such, I would encourage you to focus on studying the following aspects of the game:

  • sente and gote (is it time to attack? is it time to defend? is it time to tenuki?)
  • settling your stones (can your stones make eye-shape down the road? can then connect to reinforcements if cut off or invaded?)
  • corner > sides > middle (utilizing the efficiencies in the game to your advantage)
  • the stages of the game (are you following the correct priorities for each stage? are you giving your opponent an advantage without being aware of it?)
  • using good shape (opening/midgame - can your stones stay connected? Can your frameworks hold on to the potential you grabbed or will they be invaded/reduced?)
  • knowledge of living shapes (midgame/endgame - can your groups live if challenged?)
  • picking a play-style appropriate to your rank/experience (are you playing contact/capture moves the entire game without paying attention to game-stage priorities? are you constantly responding to your opponent and giving away initiative? are you using your direction-of-play effectively, or are you focusing on individual contact fights and losing sight of the territory those will eventually try to develop?)

Let me know if you’d like some resources for those.

Good luck


I have always thought, that the best way to get better at go (and life in general for that matter) is to just play a lot, lose a lot, and eventually try to learn from your mistakes little-by-little.

You gotta make mistakes and get punished for those mistakes, in order to learn why those were mistakes at the first place. Once you have learned from your mistakes, you can take the advantage when you see your opponents making the same mistakes against you.

So, just play a lot and try to learn from every game you play. Sounds boring, i know, but there isnt really any shortcuts when it comes to game of go :confused:

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i seem to have troble staying alive during my last game i was able to hold on to the top of the board but got killed trying to invade my opponet what went wrong or was i playing anther 9kyu

This game?

Please put your game here next time (copy/paste the link it’s in the address bar up when you are in the game)

You already have some ideas how to play, that’s great although there are still a lot of things to improve.

To answer your question your invading was great but switching to the right edge not the best idea. You could have found an easier life if you stayed in the corner.
(S4 or T4 instead of S7, black will protect and then you take a bit more place at the bottom)

In this game you played very cautiously and it paid off to secure a nice chunk of points. Now it was too cautious, it’s crucial to think like you are sharing a cake and if you fall behind, you will not recover. Keep an eye on that during all the game.
In this idea it’s difficult to know if something is sure or not, how far you can play etc… But if you play a move to connect stones which are already connected it’s a waste and waste cost a lot, it’s a free move more you give to your opponent!

Good luck, have fun.


how to advoid being trapped in the corner or on the eage

By going out before it’s too late. There are different speed, the one point jump being often a good compromise. The Keima is good if you can pressure but the connection is weaker.
Sometimes you can offer the tail to get better, and use quicker larger moves (double jump…) Sometimes the surrounding getting so threatening you need to move out slowly.

Generally it’s not so good to be surrounded, even if you live inside. You will try to get the most place possible to get two eyes but then the surrounding stones will become more and more strong and powerful for the other parts of the board.


Yeah being aware that it is important, not to “being trapped in the corner or on the eage” is the first step.

All the rest follows naturally from it

Opponent double approaches? Get out!
Opponent caps? Try as hard as possible not to be sealed in!


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After the opening

attack or exstend what next

It’s far too general question for a short answer. Please use search to find topics on theory like this. Then you can ask more in these topics if you didn’t find or understand what you are searching for. We need to keep the information regrouped

A basic idea is to play urgent moves (where life and death matters) before big moves (extension for ex)

If you have a question coming from a position in a game you finished (put a link to it), that will be welcome too.

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There is a traditionally established order of priority for moves according to value

  1. empty corners
  2. approach / enclosures (considered equal value)
  3. extensions
  4. checking extensions (tsume)
  5. jumps

These are a pretty good rule of thumb for what moves are more important early on. Hope this helps


… comes the middle game.

  1. checking extensions (tsume)

Sensei’s Library gives checking extension as either:

  • ヒラキヅメ (hirakizume)
  • ツメビラキ (tsumebiraki)

Is tsume here a Japanese abbreviation or an English one?

It’d be nice to call them tsume, since tsumebiraki is a weight on the tongue.
I use tsume to abbreviate tsumego, though, so it could be confusing…

The thread title is “after the opening”.

what opening is better 4.4 or 4.3

Both and more. Try them!


Which ones are better: Apples or pears? Cats or Dogs? Circles or Squares?

The question imho is not which are "better’, the question should be what do these moves mean, what positions they can lead to and how these positions fit into your general strategy or make sense with respect to other positions on the board.

You ask a lot of questions, which is fine, but most of the time there can’t be clearcut answers like you expect. Its not as simple or black-or-white as it seems. Try to be fluid and explorative, it’s fun!


Apples. Dogs. Hexagons.

I like 4.4 because I find the continuations that follow from it more enjoyable. Others like 4.3 for the same reason. Find your own flavour, and then share it with your opponents :slight_smile:


Hexagons were not in the listed options, you naughty! For simplicity, lets keep things dichotomous, yes please? :upside_down_face:


I don’t know… can you repeat the question?