WBaduk.com teaching material / video Lectures

I cannot get any of the lectures and videos to play on my linux workstation from the website.
Before I invest time and effort to overcome the technical issues, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the (very abundant) material.

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I remember I also had trouble in accessing it, I think in the end it only worked in one browser (probably IE). I’m running windows though, so no idea what that means for you.

Hello @cleinias,

I am using Firefox 66.0 on my Linux workstation and I can play through games there but the videos don’t do anything for me. I too, however, have not really tried much to get them working. :thinking:

I tried to do the problems a long time ago on my mac with safari. No luck back then they didn load. I just tried it with firefox and it didnt work, but to my great suprise it now works with safari!
Thanks for reminding me of the website!

Each video lecture's page at WBaduk.com has an embedded mplayer2 playlist, which your browser can't execute, with a broken link to a multimedia file hosted at CyberOro.com.

With some effort, the videos can still be accessed:

  1. Explore the source code of the lecture's page and find the line pointing to the playlist:

    <embed src="/fileupdown/lecture_movie/[filename].asx"

  2. For each [filename].asx, the corresponding video will be located at one of these two addresses:
  3. a: http://movie.cyberoro.com/Nihokiin/Cyberoro/lecutre_eng_mp4/[filename].mp4 1

    b: http://movie.cyberoro.com/Nihokiin/Cyberoro/lecture_eng/[filename].wmv

  4. If 'a', your browser can likely play it as is; if 'b', you'll probably have to download the file. 2

You can use some script-fu to streamline the process.

1. The directory is actually named lecutre_eng_mp4 in the first case. That wasn’t a typo—I mean, not mine.

2. To be clear, that’s a simple workaround, presented for informational purposes only, to overcome a misconfiguration preventing access to freely provided educational resources intended for personal use.


Impressive. Thanks!