We need your voice! Go contents poll

Hey, go players! Takumi Go has created go contents for 3 months and received more than 250 subscribers. Our channel has delayed the upload of our latest video recently, as we are planning to create higher quality videos that match the audience interests. In the future, we will add English subtitles in our new videos.

Meanwhile, our go teacher Damen Woo keeps bringing new achievements in Go, he has won the silver medal in 9x9 Mind Sports Olympiad (MSO) 2023, after winning the gold medal in 19x19.

Here, we need your voice! Please let us know what videos or live streamings you want us to do in the future.

  • 13 x 13 go quest live
  • Fox 9D live
  • Professional games review
  • High dan games review
  • Others (comments to let us know!)

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