Website Error in scoring

Hi OGS support guys,

There is a website error is scoring. This is the game
When we get to the scoring stage the website shows that all my stones on the left have been captured. Impossible since I have created 2 eyes. Naturally my opponent is delighted with the scoring:-) Losing a few games is fine by me… but its a mini tournament so… How can I get the correct score?


Can you go back into scoring so that we can see what you’re talking about?

Anyways, you should be able to click on that group of stones to toggle them between dead and alive.

Also, is it possible that your opponent was marking them as dead to annoy you? I’m not saying that the automatic scoring doesn’t make mistakes, but it’s pretty weird that it would get that wrong. It’s possible, but weird.


I did go back to scoring and score was looking ok and I clicked accept. Then I went back again later and it was looking wrong again. I am not sure if my opponent is toggling my group of stones( didnt know this could be done!!). So I toggled it back to the correct scoring. But after a few minutes it was wrong again. So I asked my opponent if he was deliberately doing it and got not reply. I toggled it to correct scoring and again it flipped back to wrong and went back and forth a few time. Until I accidentally clicked accept with wrong score : -( aawaaaw Check game now
You can see the wrong score. Is it too late to correct now?

Side Note: In future can we have an on screen sign if opponent is toggling stone groups? eg. “Opponent toggled X group” with that group appearing in different color - may be neon red!?


I think a mod will fix that for you. I looked earlier when you were the only one online and it looked fine. If it changed after your opponent came online, then it stands to reason that he was cheating and should probably be banned.

Hey ZenGamer,

looking at your game, I can assure you that your group could only be marked by two people: You and your Opponent. It was not a fault of the system, but apparently your opponent marked your groups dead again and again. :lemon:

It is very clearly visible, that your group was alive. While I can not change the outcome of a game yet (The system does not support this yet), I have given you the Rank points that you would have won from the game, and withdraw them from your opponent. :hatched_chick:

I will also have a chat with your opponent about this.


Hey Jamada, thanks for pointing out that stone groups can be toggled.

Franzisa good to know that the website scoring is working correctly.
Thank you very much for restoring my rank points:-)

And we have spoken the C word. I dont know what logs of the game etc. the admins and mods can see. You know whats best.

Thank you for the support,

Just played another game with strange scoring. Just a friendly match and both us click accept without looking. My opponent won but lost a few points. So as an immediate remedy I offered him a rematch which he won easily :slight_smile: 2nd game scored right. The game is question
Top right scoring looks strange. Those 2 stones cannot be captured, not unless player’s distracted. Any way I’ve not even placed a single stone trying to capture that group.
(I’m not sure this is an error. May be we dont understand how the system calculates live groups ? )