Website still slow with Firefox on my Android

Hello all,

I have waited during months after the OGSv5 upgrade before reporting again about that. I had hope to spend time generating page waterfalls for various pages. Unfortunately, I still could not find time to consolidate such a feedback.

What I can say is that, from my experience and from my point of view, the website is still a bit slow on my mobile.
It’s about several and long seconds before the page loads fully, especially when it contains game miniatures.

Those long seconds can easily be 5 or 6 seconds and it’s always, from 8AM to 1AM GMT+1.
Whether I connect from a French MNO or from my ADSL through wifi (French ISP), it’s still slow. And at the meantime, while I’m browsing other websites, or watching youtube videos (i.e. progressive download) in the same h/w and s/w configuration, I don’t notice any latency.

I use Firefox 53.0.2 on Android 7.0.

I can share more details, I would love to share more performance metrics, as soon as I make adb work again, I’ll do so. Unless you have already spotted bottlenecks of course :slight_smile:

Website ergonomy doesn’t help much, imho, I dont know what your point of view will be. For example, it’s a burden to have to wait for the complete bunch of active games to load in the profile page when you’re only interested in a single little game from a game history ! ( especially when you have chosen to display the active games in miniatures).

Today, I can’t do any suggestion, though, I’m sorry, I don’t know what could be better :slight_smile:

That’s all for today, I hope I’ll have feedback from the users to know if I’m the only one. And, I’ll be glad to hear from the OGS team to know if there’s something they already know…

Thank you very much,



Thank you for this well thought feedback! :slight_smile:

I play most of my games on Android, too. Version 7 using chrome mostly, Firefox sometimes. All pages load very quickly, like 1-2 seconds at most.

Do you have a second Android device to try with the same ISP? Can you try another browser on your device?

Is it actually working all right from 1am to 8am?

@arnaudgo There’s definitely some places where it can be a lot faster. The overview page is probably the heaviest as there’s a lot of things we load there over several requests (which also means a lot of redraws and the like). I do plan on addressing that in a few ways, one of the bigger of which will be to load the data on that page from servers closer to the user to reduce the round trip latencies, and also batch load all of the data on that page either on the first page load or if nothing else, in one request. There’s probably also some rendering optimizations that can be done for the mini boards… but one thing at a time.

Anyways, keep prodding periodically, helps me remember it’s a priority : it’s important for that page to be great, and I know it’s not yet.

- anoek


Thanks to you @sulai and @anoek :slight_smile:

I’m willing to provide you much more details including my User-Agent of course.

But it urges me just to let you know that, yes, I’m mistaken, it might be highly linked to my browser. I’ve tried with Chrome and it’s close to one second when it’s 5 with Firefox.
I cleared my cache and disabled all my addons and it seemed very slighly faster.

Again, thank you for your support :slight_smile: And for taking it in account. Expect me again on that topic soon and I hope with more technical input :slight_smile:


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Me again,

On my mobile:

Mozilla/5.0 (Android 7.0; Mobile; rv: 53.0) Gecko/53.0 Firefox 53.0

On my Tablet:

Mozilla/5.0 (Android 7.0; Tablet; rv: 53.0) Gecko/53.0 Firefox 53.0

So as you can see, same versions.

On both devices, it’s super fast with Chrome and super slow with Firefox :frowning:


I think this sums up the majority of my experience with Firefox since ~2008.

Hello to all !

I come with good and bad news :slight_smile:

The good news is that I eventually got adb working again !
The bad news is that I don’t know how to use it (not yet). So, I’ve started reading the documentation.

And, I have plenty of data, especially performance data (waterfall, call tree, flamechart, …).

I exported the data into json for the overview page, it works well.

Dear OGS developers, is there some helpful data I could provide to you ? Or it won’t help ? Now or later.
If it’s far from today’s priorities, you can ask me anytime of course, as far as I don’t break my system, I’ll stay available for making any tests and share with you any interesting debugging data.