Weekly collective pro game reviews

Hello everybody!

Short version :

  • Weekly group reviews on pro games on the week-end - probably Saturday around 10am (UTC+2)
  • Everyone welcome.
  • Open to comments/suggestions/questions about time, date and games.
  • Final details about date/time/games/links to reviews will be posted here.

Sessions :

Games planned/ideas :

Recently, I started offering teaching games and, I was happy that many took this offer. One of my early “students” (at 6k, it doesn’t feel quite right to talk about teacher-student relationship, but whatever), FolkWwh, had the great idea of forming a group, which I did, and it actually took off nicely. Last week, he asked me to review a pro game with him, which I reluctantly did, as I am aware I don’t have the necessary skill to do any kind of lecture on them. But it went well, we both learned a lot, and it was a pleasant experience.

Therefore, with his agreement, I decided to open this to more people. This is primarily directed towards people I had teaching games with, but of course anyone is welcome to join.

However, details still need to be decided. Which games do we go over? What would be a good time? Those questions do not have a definitive answer just yet, although the time should accommodate me and FolkWwh. Currently, Saturday morning around 10am (UTC+2) is the plan - but, as I said, not definitive or exact. The time may or may not stay the same every week. The game for this week is still open for suggestions.

Once again, this is not a lecture, I do not have the skill for this. This is looking at the game together and hopefully learn from it. If someone who does have the skill to make it a lecture does pop in and is willing to make it a lecture, they will of course be welcome, but this shouldn’t be expected. This is in the teaching category, because there is no learning/studying category, so I felt this was the most appropriate.

This thread is for discussing what time would be appropriate, as well as collecting any suggestions. I will also post links to the reviews there, and announce times every week.

There was already some discussion in chat:

[14:08] surema: Hello everybody, as I said on the group page, I am thinking about organizing collective pro game reviews weekly
[14:09] surema: You will find the complete announcement on the group page : https://online-go.com/group/1001/
[14:10] surema: If you are interested, please let me know in chat what your time zone is, and what would be a good time and day for you - in your time zone
[14:11] surema: Mine is UTC+2, and I am thinking about doing it around 10am on Saturdays
[14:14] sander314: bst / utc+1, time is fine
[14:18] sander314: i somewhat question reviewing games nobody will be strong enough to understand a lot of moves in, and essentially not being able to point out mistakes[14:18] sander314: though perhaps it could work with a ‘what would you play here’ discussion and contrasting it with the pro play[14:19] ajventi: I think that’s a great idea
[14:21] ajventi: Something I thought of right away is we choose games that we know have reviews published by pro or dan rank reviewers
[14:21] ajventi: not to follow the already published review, but look at it afterwards to help us better understand
[14:23] ajventi: I’m UTC-5
[14:25] sander314: 3am :smiley:
[14:25] surema: reviewing pro game is not a bad idea even if you don’t understand all the moves. All moves are pretty good, and just reasoning about them is helpful. It is not about spotting the mistakes
[14:26] surema: Also, it is usually not that hard to find one or two good reasons behind a move, and it tells us what we should be thinking about, and what a good move to achieve it would be[14:30] surema: ajventi: idea noted, finding good games to review will be a hard part, everyone is welcome to suggest some
[14:30] sander314: as in, I find agreeing with a move that’s a mistake a good learning experience, if that makes sense
[14:31] surema: sure, but obviously that is not the aim of these sessions, you can also learn by looking at good moves, I promise :stuck_out_tongue:
[14:33] sander314: could be one of these : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTji1kQNoWIH85dB_Vxka9g/videos
[14:33] sander314: She’s a 3p I think, and you can go back to listen to her thoughts while playing and/or use those in review
[14:33] surema: do we have sgf of her games?
[14:34] sander314: i think someone made a databsae of them recently
[14:34] sander314: http://hajin.nl/ ?
[14:34] sander314: http://hajin.nl/games.php <- little board on the left = sgf
[14:35] surema: I guess we can pick some of them, then, but I’d also like to have different players
[14:35] surema: I’ll put these ideas somewhere before the chat “forgets” them[14:35] sander314: oh yeah just one suggestion
[14:38] surema: this is fan made, right?
[14:38] sander314: the website yes, looks a bit obsessed almost :smiley:
[14:38] sander314: she linked to it in the last vid
[14:38] surema: yeah, I was thinking, thaos are some dedicated fans right there
[14:38] sander314: 112 looks nice and long, and she loses
[14:39] sander314: 113 opens at tengen :smiley:
[14:40] sander314: 97 is a review of a tournament game
[14:40] sander314: and goes to the end
[14:40] sander314: 3p vs 4p
[14:42] Duin: Reviewing pro games sounds like a great idea. I’m UTC+1. Evenings are usually better for me but I’d like to look back through what you’ve done. Might even get a chance to chip in at the time if I’m lucky.
[14:44] surema: Sure, I’ll make them available afterwards
[14:45] surema: Evening should be hard, because it would be night for FolkWwh, and he is the one who actually came up with this, I don’t want to leave him out


As promised, here is a confirmation that the review will take place at 10am GMT+2 .
Here is the review link : https://online-go.com/review/138300

2nd session :

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