Weekly correspondence tournaments

Hi, I’ve noticed that for the last few weeks, the weekly correspondence tournaments aren’t happening. I’m thinking it might have something to do with not enough people signing up? Could we reduce the required number of players so they start happening again?

It’s in 2 days on the schedule (weekly 19x19) if that’s what your looking for

Ive done one of these vefore but for the lofe of me i dont rember how to sign up… can you help me out?

I miss having 20+games on the go.

Click on the icon tournament which appear a couple of mins before the start then click register. (Yellow icon at top)
You may verify you didn’t disallow it in your profile too.

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Ah well in that case i just never seem to catch the corrospondence tournaments when they begin.

Most of the automatic site-wide ones have a 6 hour registration window (I have asked for this to be increased). The weekly one referred to by the OP has a five day window to register (no excuses :slight_smile: ).


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Sign up starts on Monday, I think? Tournament starts on Saturdays

Depends where in the world you are but more or less, yes. Sorry I couldn’t be more help to you. The current minimum for the tournament you’re talking about is 60 people. That seems kind of needlessly high but I’m not totally familiar with how multi-round McMahon tournaments work so there may be a reason for it, to reduce instances of playing the same people in multiple rounds, for example.

As you said, the ’ Correspondence Weekly McMahon 19x19’ doesn’t seem to be taking off lately. All five started in September, then just one in October and the first one for November also failed to start. Just for reference, this was the last one to start: https://online-go.com/tournament/41391

[Edit] The games are played with no handicap so the high minimum number of entrants may be to reduce the average rank difference in matchups.

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Thank you very much for the information… and i also feel stupod for being on ogs for so long and not even looking there -_-

Thank you again tho.

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