Weekly McMahon tournament not starting?

I signed up for the weekly McMahon Correspondence tournament that was to start last Saturday on the 13th. But it hasn’t started, when you check the page, all it says is that “Tournament is starting”. Is this normal? Is there some paring mechanism that is taking time?


Usually tournaments don’t start right when the timer says they should. That is just the cutoff for registering. I don’t really know why it takes so long for the pairings to be released. I think it is worse than normal this time because the weekly and monthly mcmahons are starting at around the same time.

Indeed, it’s not normal. I did let @matburt know about this so that he can fix it for you. :wink:

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Thanks! If he is looking into it, The monthly simultaneous McMahon is having the same issue.

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@speedchase noted.

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Thanks for the replies and help!


Both tournaments fixed now. Enjoy! :smile:

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The same issue is happening for this weeks McMahon (should have started Saturday).