Weekly Study Group

I’m starting a Weekly Study Group but I need teachers and students. A lot of new Go players come flooding in looking to get good at this wonderful game, but they have no guidance that’s where Weekly Study Group comes in. I want to set up a system to where at least once a week we have a teacher teach us fresh meat the do’s and don’ts of Go. This an Idea that might take a while to get up and running but when it does I want it to be here for a long time so that we can always help new players take that next step. If you want to teach reply to this thread and If you want to join look Weekly Study Group up in the groups tab.


I’m hosting a study group session on February 27, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. UTC. This time should be convenient for both European and American players. Because it’s a study group (not necessarily a lecture) and because it’s the first session, I decided the topic will be opening. The tentative plan is to have participants demonstrate their version of an ideal opening and then we’ll examine its strengths and weaknesses and perhaps suggest alternate move options.

Link to the review: https://online-go.com/demo/111358 (blank until 2/27 @ 7:00 p.m. UTC)

Hope to see you there!


That sounds great. I will try to be there? How long are you expecting the study session to last?

The session should be no more than 2 hours. That will allow for 6-7 different opening patterns at 10-18 minutes each.

FOLLOW UP: The session was about 95 minutes. Thanks for a great study group!