Weiqi courses at University

Ok I know there is one already in Korea, maybe a few others (?) but I would like to hear how you would like a weiqi cursus to be.

Just to dream a bit together. Would you have to produce some writing/thesis? Will we have some outings? Will we have to get specialized (teaching, organizing, programming, competition,…)

Do we need some sports, languages, psychology, history, economics, accounting and laws? Some complementary arts?
Or will we need just to focuse, practise and again and again…
Or just play with pro, review in a study group, practice tsumego with someone who watch you do it seriously, study AI games together…


I dont know if myongji university degrees are accepted outside south korea, i have some recollection that those are not considered even as bachelors level studies in the EU, but i’m not sure.

If you were a make a course that’s accepted as ECTS credits, i’m sure you would get a ton of interest, but in the current situation it seems pretty hard to get unis open any new departments (unless they are related to green economy somehow)

O I’m mostly interested in what you would like to have in a course, not on what is already existing or even what is possible.
I guess not everyone has the same expectations.


I guess my first question would be - who is the intended audience for this university course?

  • students with zero experience in Go who want an introduction to the game and some historical background?
  • TPK/DDK players who have the basics down and are trying to improve?
  • SDK and up players trying to hone their skills?

Because that would have a huge impact on what is actually being taught.


Just think for yourself.

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