Weiqi: Golden Chicken

In the practice books on 101weiqi.com there are on all levels Go problems dedicted to Golden Chicken Standing on One Leg. See Golden Chicken Standing on One Leg at Sensei's Library

I must admit that I have never seen this technique singled out as a distinct concept in Japanese or Korean books on Go/Baduk. Is the Golden Chicken Standing on One Leg a concept that is unique to Chinese weiqi theory?

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  • :jp: 押す手なし Osutenashi
  • :cn: 金鸡独立 jīnjīdúlì
  • :kr: 양자충 yang-ja-chung

Source: Fanfan’s dictionary of go in five languages

Pretty sure I’ve seen sections on it in several books of problems edited by Kiseido, although I wouldn’t necessarily remember which. Maybe Graded go problems for beginners.

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Actually, the senseis.xmp page that you linked mentions that the book Weird and Wonderful - Volume 1 - Extraordinary Moves by Professional Go Players has a section on this move.

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