Weird Demo Board Bug

I like to use the demo boards and put in lots of variations for studying Go.
However, there were 2 instances on occasion when I opened the demo, some of the black and white stones were inverted on the screen.
This is a big issue, because a lot of time went into organizing the variations (with comments) and to delete the branches to create a new one will simply take too much time.
Is this able to be fixed? Please, it will really mean a lot. Thank you.


What happens when you refresh the page? Do the stone remain flipped?

Yes they remain flipped.

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This happens to me as well. Also, some stones just disappear. For example, you relay josekis in a corner, but after a while, you see some positions with just a weird empty triangle shape on the 1st and 2nd line. It is because 90% of the stones that were played have disappeared from the board and from the variation tree, with a ghost-like variation line still staying in the variation tree.

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Here is an example of it of an double approach variation with snapshots. It also skips move 5 if you look at the bottom right.

Can you link to a particular demo board that is misbehaving?

I’ve seen something like this before, but not that the stones were disappearing or changing colours, just that a

I couldn’t necessarily easily reproduce it though.

As in this

It’s a private demo, but I will grant you access to it now and anyone else who wants to take a look.
If you go to the 7th column, 5th row is one example where it occurs.

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I’ve been back to spending time on demo boards to see if it happens. I haven’t been able to reproduce it fully yet. Slight syptoms here though: A ghost branch where only tengen and the last stone I played are on the board.

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