Weird display issue Safari toggling watch game filter

There’s one funny thing I noticed when toggling the new Malkovich filter

When a move is played in the game it gets fixed, but if you keep toggling it keep happening :slight_smile:

Edit: sorry more specifically have the Malkovich option active, but then press the show/hide filters button and this happens (not toggling the select button)


^^ this one


That’s truly weird. I wonder if it’s because the length of the list of filter options reached a certain size…

@shinuito it doesn’t do it for me: can you provide browser details, anything else you can think of (maybe entire screenshot, showing layout proportions etc?)

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Oh that could be it - if I filter down to things that just fit on one page, showing 9 at a time, e.g. filter by 9x9 single games handicap it also happens.

mac safari 15.6.1, though maybe I should update that.

I’ll have a quick look at chrome. - no it doesn’t happen in chrome

Actually it doesn’t happen when there’s at least 4 games, only 3 or less I think on safari

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Yep, I get that too - and with or without Malk filter selected.

I’ll back out the Malk change and see if it still happens… I have a hunch it will.

… confirmed.

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