Weird ESC and F1 key behaviour when watching demo game

ESC and F1 keys have weird and nonconsistent functionality when watching demo games.
Video here. I had to use onscreen keyboard to demonstrate when keyboard is clicked.

Mainly ESC should be the same as the small refresh icon. Always taking me to the same place as the controller.
F1 normally enters analyze mode (it is shortcut for inserting alternative stones) but since there is no analyze mode in demos then I feel that F1 shouldn’t move user in the variation tree at all. Just enable the tool it’s supposed to be.

Wow weird

Sidenote: I believe that F keys should not be used since many people either use them for the actions defined by their operating system (Help/Copy/make screen darker/whatever) or redefine them for their own, system-wide use (which is what I do).

Bleh :frowning: I just watched some broadcasts from Finnish championship 2015 in OGS.
The ESC button still doesn’t sync me with the reviewer.
In a DEMO game it takes me to move 0 if I have clicked on a variation or I have clicked on move separator in chat (----- move n ------- ) thing. Funny thing is that if I have used my mouse to move in the game tree then hitting ESC does nothing at all… If I use arrow keys to move in the game tree and then hit ESC then it takes me to move 0 again… or if I use arrow keys after using mouse on move tree…

In a REVIEW game the ESC key works differently… It takes me to the last move of the game instead of move 0 (or sync with the reviewer as I think it should do). Reviews also have the weird mouse / keyboard controls issues where using the mouse to move in the game tree and then hitting ESC it does nothing. It’s almost the same functionality than in DEMO games but in reverse. Last move instead of first move.