Weird game NEED HELP

hey I have a question about a game? Can someone help Both players passes and black failed to connect up his territory by 1 stone. black’s walls do not have eyes is that area dame or counted as dead/ captured? Black is disconnected at the 10-12 or two above tengen.

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If you remember whose turn it is you can just continue and play out the last couple moves there but if not just pretend there’s a stone there. It seems it was just a friendly game, correct? So scoring is really just a formality and you’re playing for the joy of the game. If the game ends up being within 1 point either way just call it a tie and play again :wink:

I certainly wouldn’t mark the whole area as dame or dead.

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I’m assuming Japanese rules are being used as there are numerous unfilled dame elsewhere.


In this situation, if the score cannot be agreed, it would be reasonable for Black to request a resumption (Article 9.3) which entitles White to play next.

What follows is up to the players.

Needless to say, it’s always infinitely easier to complete play before entering scoring.

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  1. What ruleset are you using?
  2. Can you resume play at all? (a handful of more stones would make this easier)
  3. Who’s turn is it?

Even without black having connected, wouldn’t #1 be dame? Without a doubt black owns #2, which makes that area completely black’s, right?


I see two areas where black doesn’t have eyes established. Which are you talking about? Though the bottom left corner area could easily form two eyes. White can’t really stop that from happening. So I assume you mean the right side of the board. Again, Black should have no trouble forming two eyes, so that area should belong to Black (in theory).

Why didn’t you guys finish the game?