Welcome trohde to the OGS Mod Team

We would like to announce our new OGS Moderator trohde and welcome him to the team! :sunny:

Trohde joined OGS in 2013 and has been an amazing member of the community since. He has been our main advertiser on external websites like Lifein19x19 and the German community and supports the OGS Team for a long time already. (He was active on Nova before the merge)

If you have anything you need help with, be it on the main site or the forums, make sure to contact him! :blush:

(Also, it’s great to have a fellow German on the Team :wink:)


Congratulations Tom!

I had quit playing Go after some discouragement in the Spring, but throhde’s incessant posting on the various facebook groups kept me plugged in and finally incentivized my return to the game. I’ve enjoyed his contributions to global discussions, and I enjoy our games. It’s exciting to see his contributions rewarded.


Thank you, I lack words to express … oh well, that was a lie. So here goes:

I am honoured and deeply touched, and I’m extremely happy and excited to join this jolly crew of friendly people, and I will do my best to keep this a nice and friendly place and to keep it growing.

A few words about myself:

  • My name is Thomas Rohde but my friends call me “Tom” (and I sign everything informal that way, too).

  • Age: 57

  • I am German and live in Germany, but I spent my childhood years in Kerala and Maharashtra, India for which I am very thankful.

  • Profession: “Something with computers”

If you want to know more, feel free to ask :smile:

Namasté _/\_



Congratulations @trohde!


Congratulations, Tom!


Nobody said “Congratulations, OGS« yet :joy:

Thanks everybody, I can’t tell how much all this touches me :heartpulse: My wish is to be of best service to :yin_yang:GS and to you all.


I’m so happy to have mr. @trohde on the team! Congratulations and welcome! :smiley: