Welsh go players

Hello there,

Im starting an IRL club in Wales in the UK.

If there are any welsh players here then let me know. Looking to build both an oline community of welsh players as well as an in real life community of go players.

The objective is to ultimatly build welsh go in wales as a community and as a sport.

I want to talk to and get some feedback from as many welsh players as possible.


There are 48 players with their country set to Wales:



Aside from messaging each and everyone one of them individually would there be a way to mass message them?

Basically what I’m looking to do is to basically build go in Wales up… and to do so create a national Club/ community with them so that we might introduce even more players to go.

They might not even live in Wales.

That is a very Valid point to be fair. That could be a line of enquiry in and of itself… I need to think perhaps before i spam mail people.