Werewolf S06: An Emperor in Atari

Night Shift 2 has ended. No prisoner received the majority of votes, so nobody was reported to the Warden for execution.

Prisoners are not allowed to communicate in this thread until the next Night Shift begins.

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Ioannis had spent the night in the Tower. He walked down to the office where he found no report, only the keys.

Nothing new seemed to have happened. “They are still unaware, probably. This should buy me some time… my patron would be very glad with this development.”


Day Shift 2 has started.

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Χαίρε Søtsten.

The Nuncius arrived today with the response for your request. Our superiors have kindly sent word of their efforts, at great personal expense, to spare a portion of their budget in spite of remarkable limitations.

“Cheap bastards!”

I also regret to inform that our guest from Chamber V, the Archiman-

— Γαμώ το μελάνι μου μέσα! (censored) —the ink spilled all over. Leiros dried it up with a piece of cloth, and then scratched the stain with his dagger, like a skilled scribe would. “Not everything can be covered up, I suppose.” He let out a worried sigh.

the Archimandrite by the name of Erastos has passed, may God forgive his earthly sins. His face was sunk in his porridge, what we believe is the cause of his demise. All food was forcibly thrown away, and the maidens are scrubbing all utensils thoroughly.

This chain of misfortunes has made our occupants restless. Please, if you may find such kindness in your heart, see that they sleep during the night.

God Almighty, lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.

Ioannis Leiros :mermaid::trident:

Leiros wasn’t about to spend two consecutive nights in that wretched Tower.

“I need some rest. Maybe head down to the βαλανεῖον (Roman bath), there’s no life inside this dungeon. This job is going to be the death of me.”

At the end of Day Shift 2 @Sanonius was found dead.

Day Shift 2 has ended
Players may no longer interact in their designated threads, until the next shift.


Night of January 31st, 6710 ε.Κ.

Søtsten had a bad feeling on his way to the Tower, so he expected that report on his desk.
Things were getting serious.

He went outside to deliver the extra rations to his guards, the poor guys that got the night shift instead of going to taverns to celebrate. If any wine were to make the rounds, he wouldn’t make much of a fuss about it. Just sayin’.

He then started his usual rounds. A loud cough was coming from @KAOSkonfused’s cell. He would probably have a tough night, but probably nothing serious. He shouted “Keep it down!” and left it at that.

He would listen in, do his rounds, and after his shift he would go and drink until he forgot he ever existed. Best way to get into a new year, wipe out the last one.
He started murmuring an old song, his low voice sounding eerie and at the same time comforting in that tower tombstone.
“Πίνω και μεθώ,
ωχ αμάν μέρα νύχτα τραγουδώ…”


Night Shift 3 has started
Players can interact during the night, until Day Shift starts at 2021-02-13T18:00:00Z

@KAOSkonfused has Emoji Disease and will only be able to post emojis for night phase 3.

Who do you think is an Assassin and should be reported to the Night Warden for execution?

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:horse::thought_balloon: :night_with_stars::ghost: :arrow_right: :male_detective: :question: :man_shrugging:t4:

:horse::thought_balloon: :no_entry_sign: :skull_and_crossbones: :night_with_stars::ghost: :bangbang:

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KAOS is ill,
KAOS thinks Nghtstalker is maybe the seer? Don’t know
KAOS thinks let’s not kill Nghtstalker

I think Nghtstalker is the either the seer or an assassin, with RubyMineshaft being either an assassin or an unknown innocent role. If Nghtstalker is claiming that RubyMineshaft is an assassin, I’m willing to eliminate Ruby first, on the condition that Nghtstalker comes out and says straight that he is the seer.

If Nghtstalker is lying about being the seer, in the rather large chance that the seer is still alive, this claim can be confronted, increasing the number of potential assassins.

Not coming out as the seer while still making claims that somebody is an assassin, sounds to me like somebody trying to sow discord, and is in any case a bad strategy for an innocent, as we already have little certainty as is. Hence, as long as Nghtstalker stays vague, he’s more suspicious in my eyes than anybody else.

Make no mistake: I think the best course of action is to report both Nghtstalker and RubyMineshaft.


:horse: :arrow_right: :bowing_man:t4:

Rest in peace Sanonius. We hardly knew you, and we can only speculate about the level of anguish you endured.

Shortly after we arrived here, Lord Ruby let it be known that if the occasion arose, he would yell bloody murder. That’s a far cry from committing bloody murder, yet Lord Nightstalker persists in presenting Ruby as a dagger-wielding assassin. He heard the same words the rest of us heard, but he repeatedly associates the word dagger with Ruby. I don’t believe this to have been a series of momentary lapses. It’s far likelier that he tossed the words out there in the hope that we would carelessly fail to make this important distinction, that it would somehow get lost in all of Ruby’s suspicious bluster.

You’ll have gathered by now that I’m none too pleased with Lord Ruby. To be sure, his behaviour bears very close watching. But in a narrow sense I feel that he’s been getting a raw deal here. As things now stand, if anyone is to be reported today, Nightstalker should be that person.


“These nights are endless, and a man can sleep through them,
or he can enjoy listening to stories, and you have no need
to go to bed before it is time. Too much sleep is only
a bore. And of the others, any one whose heart and spirit
urge him can go outside and sleep, and then, when the dawn shows,
breakfast first, then go out to tend the swine of our master.
But we two, sitting here in the shelter, eating and drinking,
shall entertain each other remembering and retelling
our sad sorrows. For afterwards a man who has suffered
much and wandered much has pleasure out of his sorrows.” Ah Homer…

Another night for us and another death. Κύριε, ἐλέησον on the soul of Sanonious.

But for us. I hear your whisperings… Those who speak plainly are clearly not assassins. The choice remains me or Ruby …

I thought I was dealing with men of courage and wit did they remove your ears as well as your eyes? Have you no rememberance of my whispers? Or has the pain of thy blinding fogged your mind?

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:night_with_stars: :ghost: :exclamation:
:male_detective: :white_check_mark: :question:
:male_detective: :x: :question:

:question: :question: :question:


Kao may you improve soon, you have the info you need.

:x: :exclamation:

:question: :question: :question:

:night_with_stars: :ghost: :arrow_right: :skull_and_crossbones: :question:
:night_with_stars: :ghost: :arrow_right: :open_umbrella: :question:
:horse: :man_shrugging:t4:


Lord Nghtstalker’s refusal to answer the question perplexes me. Surely an assassin in his position would be eager to claim to be the seer. Given the circumstances and the public demand for an answer on this question, I don’t see the reasoning behind continuing to be so vague.

Considering the fact that I’m not an assassin, Nghtstalker can’t be the seer, but I’m confused about this strategy. He’s either an assassin or a very misguided innocent who doesn’t realize the damage he’s doing to our position.


@Nghtstalker, if you’re innocent and not the seer, I have no idea what has gotten into your mind.

I can only conclude that you’re an assassin trying to create confusion, thus I will keep my vote on Nghtstalker and will not vote for RubyMineshaft tomorrow. Ruby would only be suspicious in the case where Nghtstalker is the seer, and since he refuses to lay claim to that role, I will refuse to believe Ruby is suspicious.


Clement Sericus hid in his room even after his ill-advised consumption, and remained in a feverous dream, remembering celebrating exotic festivals brought back by his ancestor. They were once sent to the oriental land of Seres as unofficial ambassadors, missionaries, and scot for potential allies in those difficult times.

But the dream of his beloved families only brings brief solace before being waked up to face hard walls and a cold dense cell, accompanied by constant bickering across the hallway. Clement only pray there will be peace in this forsaken place and let God shed his wisdom upon us, and guide us to make the right choice.

OOC. Sorry that I need to spend some time with my family during the Chinese New Year Holidays, and couldn’t respond in time. And hope everyone has good fortune in the year of the Ox.


OOC: No problem, hope you have nice holidays. :slightly_smiling_face: :partying_face:
But it would be nice if you (or better, your character :wink:) could also say something about your opinion on the matter of seer and assassins.


Ruby is not worthy of a response… A serpent in our midst.

As I said I thought you were men of wit. But one needs to hear all things said and understand. You will learn who are the assassins one way or the other. But If I die you will regret it.

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“Nightstalker, clearly no one is understanding you right now. We don’t fully understand your motives, and even if you believe someone is evil, you can still answer a question they ask. I think that if you were an assassin, you would probably have voted by now honestly, but the same goes if you have intel. What is preventing me from voting so far is that people have voted and it feels they are voting you to not stand out. Therefore, I am going to wait a bit longer to place my vote,” this prisoner commented, and went into the corner to idle.