Werewolf S06: An Emperor in Atari

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Hello Players,

For reasons outside the game, I’ll not be available today nor Saturday for the shift change. So, we’ve decided to extend this day shift another 24 hours, until 2021-02-19T18:00:00Z, which would fix the scheduling issues. Players with special roles can extend their submissions until then.

Otherwhise, please take it as a short vacation, if you will. :wink:

Thanks for your understanding, see you tomorrow.


Søtsten woke up drenched in sweat, immediately freezing in the evening winter currents.
He hadn’t dreamed for a long time, but he yelped himself awake.

In his dream, blood was pouring on a flag bearing the Byzantine star and crescent emblem, drenching the flag in red. An emperor carved in marble was trying to light the flag on fire, and screams were heard all over.


Another day passes and there’s nothing to report. Rumors had got to Leiros’ ears that a different threat was brewing outside the city walls.

“They better get this over with soon”, he frowned. Every day Isaakios remained alive was another missed opportunity.

At the end of Day Shift 4, everyone was alive and accounted for.

Day Shift 4 has ended
Players may no longer interact in their designated threads, until the next shift.


Night of February 2nd, 6710 ε.Κ.

Søtsten didn’t know what to make of things; he urgently needed information tonight.

Clement Sericus really didn’t have a stomach for prison food, it seems he got an allergy reaction again. Søtsten had seen Ακρίτες with worse food rations, so his pity run short.
He continued his rounds.


Night Shift 5 has started
Players can interact during the night, until Day Shift starts at 2021-02-21T18:00:00Z

@Claire_yang has Emoji Disease and will only be able to post emojis for night phase 5.

Who do you think is an Assassin and should be reported to the Night Warden for execution?


Good evening, my friends. It seems my throat is working again.

I wish to clarify my position from yesterday, and why I find @fiddlehead a bit unfair, as I did give clarification as best as I possibly could.

I was trying to say that it is not good to make an overview of which people are most suspicious / least suspicious the day before of the actual execution of the most suspicious person, since in the night, this would provide the assassins with information on who to execute: namely the least likely assassin.

Hence, although I honestly had no idea yesterday who to suspect, and still have barely any leads right now, I did not want to make a person more suspicious, on the chance that the assassins could use this information to eliminate people who are not suspect.

Apart from that, trying to explain why I would find a certain person suspicious would be very difficult without being able to speak, thus I saw little in trying to do so either.


Fellow innocents, when exactly would the time be appropriate for us to make known our suspicions? In seeking and collecting opinions I’m simply making the point that we can’t afford to operate in an information vacuum. If it’s still possible for the assassin to convert one of us to his cause (which I believe to have happened) then one more dead innocent spells doom for us all. Do we not have catastrophe bearing down on us?

It so happens that most of us have indeed expressed an opinion in this matter. Except for Lord Vsotvep that is. Apparently he proposes to do nothing today, which is clearly not an option. I understand that his recent illness limited his ability to communicate, but certainly not to the extent he claims. And, of course, this continued evasiveness is what one would reasonably expect from somebody who is now in league with an assassin.

I have one more point to make, and I regret that I didn’t make it sooner. On the day we voted to execute Nghtstalker, we established that either he or Lord Ruby had to be an assassin. It turns out we were dead wrong about Nghtstalker, which is tragic indeed. But, at the very least, we performed our duty as Issakios loyalists and took our fifty-fifty shot and prepared to live with the consequences. El Ka-Oz however voted to execute neither. He would have you believe that his defense of Nghtstalker establishes his innocence. But if he felt so strongly about Nghtstalker, why in the world did he not vote to execute Lord Ruby? My friends, I think you know the answer to that question. Add to this his baseless attack on Clement, then his rather indignant response to my suspicion of Lord Vsotvep, and I believe you are left with a highly, if not overwhelmingly suspicious individual.

I have nothing more to say except to wish my fellow innocents continued life and, hopefully, prosperity. We shall see how it goes. If you should meet Issakios in the hallway, please send him my regards, and please tell him we loyalists did the best we could.


Is it honestly a catastrophe? If we kill the actual assassin first, we’re in a bit of trouble, but if we kill the coward first, it’s an instant win, so although we have a harder time finding agreement about the right person to vote for, we have a larger target, so to say. There is also still the possibility that the assassins did not choose to kill, or that the assassins bumped into the smuggler twice in a row. If I were not a noble, but a mathematician, I might be able to figure out the balance, but alas, a noble has only so much time to spare.

I’m voting for nobody at this time, since I honestly don’t know who to suspect most. I do plan to vote before the day ends, though.

On top my list is lord Fiddlehead for his sudden and slightly irrational attack on me, but honestly I don’t know why Clement or El Ka-Oz could be trusted either. I find the attempt by El Ka-Oz to prove himself innocent through just stating that there is evidence for it a bit suspicious as well.

The only one I do not suspect, is obviously Marco.


Well, Vsotvep, I suppose you are now in the worst position here, since it is basically up to you to decide if the assassins win or if the innocent prisoners, loyal to the true king, will win – only that you have no way to make sure you are making the right choice.

What else should I do? I can’t just give my opinion and point to who I think is an assassin without defending myself, can I?? Especially since Clement attacked me so badly yesterday night. And none of us, except for Marco/@bugcat, has real proof for their innocence; so I can just repeat what is already in the open.

I explained this before: I didn’t think Nghtstalker could be an assassin, but I also did not believe he was the seer, so at that point, I did not think there was any proof for Ruby to be the assassin – I assumed, Nghtstalker had just suspected him without any profound knowledge. The next night, however, I was the first one to vote to report Ruby.

But you know who didn’t vote for Ruby, although we had proof?

Clement voted to report me, although he didn’t have any evidence against me, only the fact that I suspected him, and even that I did in careful words, because I wasn’t sure at that point.

Then, near the end of the previous night, Fiddlehead tried to get everyone to suspect Vsotvep. When that didn’t work out for him, he (and Clement?) must have decided during the day to follow a different strategy and to accuse me (together). I strongly assume that Clement will join Fiddlehead during the course of the night and vote for me (although probably only by the end of the night), so without your vote, @Vsotvep, it will then be two votes against Fiddlehead and two votes against me.
Think about it, Vsotvep, that is the only way for them to win and survive, by getting you to suspect me.

Please go again through everything that had been said before and then make your decision. I don’t think I made any bad decisions so far – there is nothing I have to hide.
The only thing I am asking for is, if you should decide you want to report me to the guards instead of Fiddlehead, please give me a few minutes before dawn to defend myself one last time.


@bugcat, @claire_yang, I am painfully aware that half of you cannot speak and the other half has little to prove, but it would be helpful to hear your voices in this matter as well.

Specifically I’d be interested in hearing why @bugcat suspects @fiddlehead most.


:question: :warning: :interrobang:

:thinking: :crescent_moon: :point_up_2:

:thinking: :crescent_moon: :point_up_2: :point_up_2:

:thinking: :crescent_moon: :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2:

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:mask: :mask: :roll_eyes::question: :x: :skull_and_crossbones: :crescent_moon:

:supervillain: :palms_up_together: :man_supervillain: :people_holding_hands: :boom::people_holding_hands:


To reiterate, I suspect Lord Fiddlehead because

  1. He was the single most vocal person in suspicion of Lord Nightstalker, the seer, and in support of Lord Ruby, probably the assassin.

  2. He took what looked to be a cynical chance to defame you when your throat had been corrupted by that foul bread and you couldn’t defend yourself.


There is something we haven’t really talked about, maybe because it’s obvious, but it’s somewhat important, so here are my thoughts on the smuggler just for the record:

We have strong evidence that the smuggler is still among us and that he succeeded at least once in protecting a prisoner. I think it’s also obvious that if I should survive this night, the smuggler should not protect me. The assassin(s) will most likely not kill me during the day, so that he/they can still use me as a scapegoat the following night.
So the choice for the smuggler should be between protecting either Marco / bugcat or Vsotvep, and we should (also obvious) definitely not agree on who of them should be protected, because then the assassin(s) would choose the other one.

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I have some trouble understanding what exactly Clement means, but I guess, it’s clear to everyone that he is still trying to frame me as an assassin, together with Fiddlehead.

So, as I understand, he points out with skepticism what I said last night.

I guess, this translates to something like:
“Heads up, this is the assassin!
If we can’t make a decision together (???), no one will get killed tonight.
The assassins will be glad and it will be the end of everything. (???)

I’m not at all sure about the last parts.

However, I think that if you remember my words from yesternight (as Clement tried to repeat them), you will see that I was indeed always cautious with my accusations and made very clear that I was not 100% sure of anything, because how should I be? We lost our seer, and therefore none of us can accuse anyone with 100% certainty.

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I believe the last line is, the two remaining assassin’s high five because it’s 2 vs 2.


Ah, yes, you’re probably right.

Funny, though, that Clement and Fiddlehead are both so very sure that there are two assassins. :roll_eyes: :thinking:
I’m now also sure. And yes, they will surely highfive if they manage to get me killed, because then it’s definitely all over.

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:crescent_moon: :dagger: :x: :skull_and_crossbones:

:supervillain: :man_cook: :open_book: :arrow_right: :people_holding_hands: :boom: :people_holding_hands:

:supervillain: :bug::cat: :vs: :man_supervillain: :innocent:

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It is quite likely that there are two assassins, I’m also in belief that there are two assassins, since it’s our worst-case scenario.

Let’s imagine all possible scenario’s and see if they fit the voting pattern. Note that the assassins can end the game by voting out an innocent player at this moment, since the innocents could never get a majority afterwards. On the assumption that there are two assassins, it is very probably that the assassins will go for a kill in the vote today.

Fiddlehead & El Ka-Oz

This would be highly dangerous for them, since I intend to vote at the very last minute of closing the poll: if they are both assassin’s, I can hereby guarantee that one assassin gets killed.

This scenario therefore seems highly unlikely to me.

Fiddlehead & Marco

In this scenario Marco got converted by Fiddlehead either yesterday or the day before. Marco has the benefit of being listed as innocent, thus this may in fact be a game-winning strategy: Marco just kills everyone.
However, in this case as well, it makes little sense for Marco to vote for Fiddlehead, since Marco voting for El Ka-Oz instead would guarantee a majority vote for an innocent at this point.

Hence, this scenario seems unlikely, but very dangerous to me.

Fiddlehead & Clement

This makes complete sense: two assassins, voting together, taking a gamble on me distrusting El Ka-Oz more than them. If this is the case, claire must be the converted coward, since it would otherwise be too risky a strategy.

This scenario seems likely.

Fiddlehead & Vsotvep

In this scenario we will win the game when I vote for El Ka-Oz, so why would I wait with doing so?

Others may have to judge this, but to me this scenario seems unlikely.

El Ka-Oz & Marco

This makes complete sense as well: two assassins, voting together again, yada yada. This fits with the necessary fact that Marco must be the converted coward, thus getting El Ka-Oz killed is both not the end for the assassins, and also ideal for Marco, being the least suspect.

This scenario seems both likely and extremely dangerous.

El Ka-Oz & Clement

This would once again be an interesting case where the assassins decide to make each other suspicious. Here we once again have the weird thing that Clement could just vote for Fiddlehead to get a majority.

Therefore, this scenario seems unlikely.

El Ka-Oz & Vsotvep

If we play it like this, there’s no reason for me not to vote for fiddlehead now.

Others may have to judge this again, but to me this scenario seems unlikely.

Marco & Clement

This would be ideal for the assassins, as neither are in danger of being voted out. It therefore makes little sense for them to stay split between Fiddlehead and El Ka-Oz, especially, since by voting to eliminate fiddlehead, Clement could gain trust with El Ka-Oz, which increases the likelihood of the elimination succeeding. Of course Marco is the coward in this scenario, thus it’s important that Clement stays more suspicious than Marco at all points.

This scenario seems unlikely to me.

Marco & Vsotvep

Another nice scenario where neither of us are in danger of being voted out. Here Marco must be the coward, and I must be an assassin all along. Personally I believe I was putting my foot down on eliminating both Ruby and the seer as a guaranteed way to eliminate an assassin, thus this might be a genius play by me.

However, I would consider this scenario to be very unlikely, also since once again I could end the game by just voting any of the two current suspects.

Clement & Vsotvep

This is once again similar to the other scenarios, except that both I and Clement could choose to vote for Fiddlehead to end the game.

Thus, I find this highly unlikely.


Based on my analysis above, I find it most likely that either Fiddlehead and Clement are two assassins, or that El Ka-Oz and Marco are two assassins. The latter is slightly less likely, since it needs the additional luck for the assassins that Marco is the coward, but it is also more dangerous.

That means that I find it highly likely that one of the two main suspects at the moment (El Ka-Oz or Fiddlehead) is an assassin. I have no hurry, and enjoy witnessing the discussion. Perhaps I might learn more by waiting with my choice between these two options.