Western Server Challenge 2024

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March 1st - March 31st

This is our 3rd year running this event! Like in previous years, the goal is to play 100 rated games in a month! This event is designed to encourage more activity on the server and to help players get over any rank anxiety they may have. Don’t worry about de-ranking, losing, or performing badly. Simply play and have fun!

Games will take place on OGS and no where else. My reason for doing this is due to me being able to access the API for everyone’s games. I counted games manually one year and I never want to do that again! lol

This year my focus will be to support the auto match buttons on OGS’s play page. As the goal is to play 100 games and reduce match pressure, the focus will be on the Blitz auto match button. I will also be encouraging the three main board sizes, 9x9, 13x13, and 19x19. My feelings on this are, we don’t always have time for a full 19x19 game but we still want to play a game of Go. Small boards are great for quick matches. Many players use Go Quest and Baduk Pop for these same reasons. The 100 games will be size specific, but I will have a Grand Slam category for those who play 100 games on each size.

The settings for the games will be as follows…

All games must be ranked.
Chinese Rules (Encouraged but optional)

Byo-yomi 1m+3x10
Fischer 20s+10s up to 30s
Canadian 1m+5m/30

Byo-yomi 3m+4x10
Fischer 20s+10s up to 30s
Canadian 3m+5m/30

Byo-yomi 5m+5x10
Fischer 30s+10s up to 30s
Canadian 5m+5m/30

While these settings can be made in custom, again I would like to encourage the use of the auto match buttons to support this feature on OGS. If you do make a custom game, please use these exact time settings as that is what my API will search for.

I encourage Chinese rules for the simple fact of it doesn’t punish newer players for trying things out. I always recommend my students to play out what they don’t understand. That is how we learn! But some rules sets will punish us for it. So in my opinion, I think this rule set is best for most.

Lastly, I would like to encourage everyone to allow handicap to be automatic. I know a lot of people may not like this setting, but my reasons are as follows. Many players do not know what to do with a large handicap. This is because it is exclusively fighting, so no opening preparation will help you. (Mostly) Again I want to push players out of their comfort zone to just enjoy the game and the unknown. Make mistakes and see what happens! This also drastically increases the player pool that you will have access to. A 15k facing a 6k will almost certainly lose. But with a 9 stone handicap, who knows what will happen! By allowing yourself the ability to lose to more people, I truly believe you will have a more fun experience if you allow yourself.

Side story: I played my wife on a 6x6 to test out some board sizes and I lost! We have a 15 rank gap! But we both had more fun with it than we would have on a traditional size.

In conclusion, I truly wish for everyone to have a great experience and remember that Go is a game to be played and enjoyed. It doesn’t need to be serious 100% of the time. I wish you all the most fun and exiting games for the month!


So correspondance is no more part of the challenge?

Thanks for organizing it again anyway!

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The rules page seems to say

  • Correspondence games must finish within the month.

but I guess it wasn’t mentioned above. Might be a separate category?

I am trying to focus my efforts on the ideas I want to support. There are many things that I think are great but the more spread out I get the less I get done. (Learning these with work.) So while I do want to support Correspondence, I am deciding to focus on just supporting the auto match buttons this time. The reason I am not focusing on the Normal and Correspondence auto match buttons is because I think if everyone picks one button, everyone will get a match faster. Then after March, my hope is that it will spread a bit but more people will use the buttons in general. I hope it will speed up match making.

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Nope. That is a typo :laughing: I will remove it.

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Since you mention rank anxiety, it might be worth mentioning that ogs has the “hide ranks” option. I’ve found it pretty helpful, not sure if most people know about it or not.


I think this is a nice strategy, I look forward to more blitz matches this month! (Although I wish OGS blitz were a little closer to live haha)

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Ok I see. So this year it could be named

OGS Blitz Challenge 2024


@admins would it be possible to get this pinned? I would like to try and get at least 100 participants.


Only the above mentioned time settings will count towards 100 games? Or does playing 100 “normal” games also count?

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No only the above time settings as these are the settings of the blitz automatch button

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I really prefer slower games, but I joined anyway, even if it means I’ll probably lose several ranks. I set my automatch preferences like this:


Do you plan to incentivize streaming this year? Either way, looking forward to it!

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I participated last year and it was quite the challenge to play 100 games with normal time settings.
Blitzing through 100 games on the other hand is not something I would enjoy. My mind works too slow for that. Is there a way to pull out from the challenge on your website @Clossius1 because I’m not able to find a possibility to do so.


i saw the rule on the website. if this year only suggest quickly game?

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Yes. Blitz only

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This is starting in less than 24 hours. Should a banner be posted on the OGS website?



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So technically started now?