What about an eternal category?

An eternal category where we could stock all the bumped threads for the eternity.

That could relieve the pressure and hard work that some are doing around here (like @bugcat).

Of course we still have to define how it works, maybe could be a nice prerogative for the regulars club?


I don’t think bumping threads without good reason is encouraged.

That said I have enjoyed reading certain bumped threads before :slight_smile:


I think it’s ok to just make a topic where users would put links to old posts and write short descriptions of why they find it worthwhile or memorable.


I guess there’s a difference between making a thread to store links to potentially useful but dead threads, and creating a category where certain threads are currently being regularly bumped.

I’m not sure what exactly the category does, is it that at least you can hide the whole category so you don’t see the bumps, or that having the category means you don’t need to bump them because you can just filter to find them?

Although I thought the idea of bumping was that people wouldn’t find them by themselves as they don’t know what to look for, or that they’re even interested.


The idea is to collect (aka move) the bumped threads in a category where they don’t have to be bumped anymore.

Just collecting links in a thread somewhere will not save them to have to be bumped although it can be a good start to list all the candidates.

And it’s not about already dead (closed) threads

I’m not entirely sure what qualifies threads to be closed, some say they’ll be closed in 30 days and others say open years after becoming inactive

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My guess is it’s linked to the category, correct me if I am wrong or if there are more criteria.

That’s interesting it does seem right

It’s mainly about the go discussion category, which has the 3 months of inactivity delay.
I completely understand the need of such policy; now I just read a bumped old thread about some old books of weiqi you can access on some Japanese website, awesome and a good example.
How a bit of harassment to find it again,how a bit of no sense to get it closed someday because the community just forgot to bump it.

The naming is maybe not best, what about “forever open go discussion”?

More ideas:

  • the category should be somewhat pinned, to compensate for the lack of bumping
  • It should be not possible to start a thread in this category

If will help us a lot and keep a better organization of that go discussion category. And seems easy to do, just open a new category with right specification


Currently, only topics within #ogs-development or its subcategories are set to automatically close after 3 months of inactivity.

Adding an eternal category wouldn’t really be of much help. We’d still have to search to find anything within it.


Oo just checked, that’s true.
Most of the interest is then gone… Forever!
So bumping these go discussion only helps to bring them back at the top of the list.

Thanks for the information.

I oppose the idea of having an “eternal” category (which I guess would function like a “best of” list).

  1. It’s a very subjective issue to decide what should even be moved to such a list. People can already make their own lists of interesting threads anyways.
  2. There’s no need to bump threads to prevent them from being closed (except in ogs-development), which means the original motivating reason does not exist.
  3. Moving things into a separate category breaks the original categorization.

In general, I don’t think bumping an old thread simply for the sake of bumping it is that great. If someone wants to bring up an old thread, they should at least make some effort to add to the discussion, and saying something like just “bump” is only adding clutter.

On the other hand, when an old thread does get bumped, I think caution should be exercised when it comes to closing and/or hiding those threads. In the past, I’ve seen threads summarily closed after being bumped, which isn’t always fair either.