What are some offline solution to display a game and edit sgf programmatically

Hi, is there a programming libraries or offline go game client that allows people to interact with programmatically for actions like creating a new game or making a move or surrendering?

Here are a few options in python:


You can replace python with your favourite programming language. If you don’t specify a programming language at all, you’ll end up with more software than programming libraries.

Sabaki is an offline sgf editor that you can connect bots to for instance to play games with them.

So possibly if the interactions you want to do can be done with gtp (go text protocol) like go engines would do then maybe that’d work?

Yeah if I can somehow programmatically play games on Sabaki that would be really great. As an alternative, do people know if there is an open source library that generate sgf file from move coordinates?

There’s probably quite a few out there, but honestly might be simpler to hand code it. The moves section of an SGF looks like this:


Where “aa” is 1-1, “bb” is 2-2 etc.