What are the rules?

Back to the original question: Not only can a game be resumed after two passes, but if there is a ko, your opponent can take it back after two passes, even if this would otherwise violate the ko rule! (At least, that’s the case under Japanese rules.) Needless to say, I was quite shocked the first time that happened to me. :slight_smile:


Actually I think you basically agreed with me. I too said that 7k-19k is not the right range.

The only different thing I pointed out is that the system does not say that “a beginner is 13k”. What it does (incorrectly) say is that a beginner is 7k-19k, we agree on that.

TPK: twenty plus Kyus.



I haven’t encountered this but if it’s true then it is definitely a bug. The game should only resume when the score cannot be agreed and that should certainly be done from the game exactly as it was (including kos).
The potential to abuse this bug in certain situations is very real and may increase the demand on mods.

GaJ, Jusr a quick reply to confirm that I agree with you completely. :slight_smile:

Nope, it’s not a bug. Others have complained about this before, and it’s apparently legal. (I’m not happy about it, but apparently under Japanese rules, this is allowed.) Here’s a game where it happened to me:

I timed out because I was so confused as to what was happening!

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I will be happy to play u question mark or no. : )
Handicap or regular.

HI and thank you. I dont have a clue how to maneuver this site. If I want to play handicap what do i need to do? Not that I want to play handicap all the time, but I would not mind trying it.

No worries I will send u a request.

Hi Lavinia, may I ask you why you played 434 games on OGS but no one ranked?


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Where did you see this, Lysnew? It is interesting to find out! And I have no idea about the ranking.

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Ihave clicked on your link, and I see myself as 21k. That is how I ranked myself, using my own judgement. However, my rank it shows now as ? question mark.

I found the info re 434 games. I dont think that I have played that much. Is there a different way to find how many games have one played?

The game history on your profile is 48 pages of 10 games, so maybe you played actually more than 470 games.

The system anyway has no clue about your rank because all of your games are “non-ranked”. Just play few ranked games and you’ll see your rank estimated.

I see, thanks. How do i go about getting ranked? Who do I contact?

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Can you tell me how did you find the link to my history?

How do i one get to be ranked?

When you create the game, tick the box marked ‘ranked’ or accept other peoples games that are ranked games.
I’m fairly sure the Quick-Match-Finder also creates ranked games but I don’t usually use it. Too slow.

To find your game history: Click on ‘Profile’ at the top of the home page and you will find a plethora of information including past games.


Sorry. I am supposed to tick “ranked” …even I m not? And I do play w ranked players. That has not ranked me.

Checking the ranked box marks the game as a “Ranked game”.

As you win and lose ranked games, you will get an online go rank. Your online go server (OGS) rank will be updated after every ranked game win and loss. This rank will show up on your profile.