What did I set up wrong to play with the computer?

I have played with the computer for months. Today is the first that I waited for a long time but my opponent didn’t respond. Please help. I include the screenshot.

Try choosing different bot. I might be that server has some issues at the moment too. If that’s the the case, you can find go playing bots ran by individual people.



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Maybe it’s perfect time to try playing against people :smiling_face:? People are much more interesting to play against imo.
But set some “more normal” time, like 10 min main time and 30 sec byo-yomi. Importantly, set a rank restriction to get opponent match your strength! 3 ranks below and above for example.


Thank you! Sorry for the dumb question how can I play with real people?

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No problem. You have 3 options to choose from.(1, 2, 3)

For auto match(1) you can also choose one, two or all three board sizes.(4)

It sometimes can be hard to find someone to play with, people aren’t constantly waiting to accept a game challenge conversely to bots. If you’re ok with playing very long game that span over 1 week, then you can try accepting correspondence game challenges. You can play several long(correspondence) games at once :exploding_head:.

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Thank you for the detailed explanations.

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