What do the Leaderboards show?

OGS has leaderboards on the main page: https://online-go.com/leaderboards

What do these show, and does anybody know why?

My initial thought was that they’d be the top players by rating for each game type, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, as there’s a 5k at the top of the “overall live” ratings. Number of games doesn’t seem to be a deciding factor, either, as there’s lower rated players with fewer games ranked above higher rated players with more games.

There IS a number next to each person on the leaderboard, but I have no idea what they correspond to. Sadaharu is “11.87” while wegro is “6.323”, but these don’t correspond to anything visible on player’s profiles. Furthermore, for Live 13x13 and Blitz 9x9, everyone’s got a mystery ranking value of 0.00.

What does this page show? Is there some magical formula for calculating these, somewhere? Does it have something to do with the ladder? Perhaps adding a description somewhere on that page would be helpful…

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It’s a point system and iirc it’s got something to do with the ratio of [#won / #attended] in a given period of time (i.e. the last _ weeks/months). The reason for decimals is decay over time (otherwise people who won x/x tourneys at some point would still be up there at 10/10 points).

As for points beyond 10, a possible explanation would be if Sadaharu won more correspondence tournaments in some given month than there were new tournaments of the same type.

The 0.00 might have something to do with the fact that no such tournaments were conducted lately/ever.

But if anyone knows what’s actually going down, feel free to correct me. :stuck_out_tongue:


As far as I know the only tournaments counting are the automatic sitewite ones. Since there are neither 13x13 live nor 9x9 blitz ones, it’s not possible to get there any points.


And 8d+ are forbidden from participating in the auto sitewide tournaments.

You’re also not allowed to use Leela to get to 8d and yet…