What do you think of "Poppu Go Chess"? (Portable paper-based Go game)

Sources: https://www.red-dot.org/project/poppu-go-chess-54283 and https://www.xiaohongshu.com/explore/640e91660000000013012aa8

The article states that this is a portable paper-based Go game.

I found a post on XiaoHongShu that includes all of these pictures below and with the following translated information:

Go is a very popular game in many East Asian countries. However, traditional Go boards still have many problems in terms of manufacturing and portability. For example, the pieces are too heavy to carry and visually impaired players need specially made boards. A lightweight, portable Go board became a market need.

So we created Poppu Go Chess, a lightweight and portable Go board. Using the art of Kirigami sculpture, our design combines the board and the pieces into one and creates a new tactile experience by unfolding a three-dimensional space within the paper. At the same time, Poppu was designed with a strong focus on the visually impaired player’s experience, customizing it for them.

Poppu’s graphics are produced using die-cut and letterpress printing. It is suitable for any kind of paper, ranging from 120-220 grams. The lightweight and portable design makes it perfect for traveling and playing Go anywhere. Poppu is more affordable and less costly than traditional Go boards. The flat design allows for a smoother and relatively quicker manufacturing process.

In the end, we want to invite and encourage more people to get in touch with Go and enjoy this ancient cultural tradition in an easy, relaxing way. Poppu, on the other hand, is a new, portable, relaxing and enjoyable way to experience Go.

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Can the board be reset after a game?

If yes that’s pretty cool!

But if it’s disposable, then I think it doesn’t have any advantage over grid paper + two coloured pens.


-Stones aren’t flying everywhere and you aren’t chasing your last ko under the chair.

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Personally, I think it’s ugly.

it just needs higher amplitude

Woah that is so cool! Do you know if they’re selling those prints somewhere?

Already mentioned in this forum a few years ago.

I don’t like it. Seems to be less confortable to read and well, not so convenient to play.

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You forgot an eraser

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This kind might work!

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