What do you think of this position


Remember, Leela Zero starts at random data, so she might still have a pretty good idea of who is winning. That said, I don’t take much stock in the number of stones @opuss mentioned - AFAIK, these networks are just playing for a win, so a 1.5 stone game might not mean that it’s a close game.



To be fair, there’s no better moves on the board…

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Well the point isn’t so much whether there are better moves, but that she regards the move 99,9% winning for black…

And in the subsequent video I would argue that capturing all of black is a better move than commiting suicide :stuck_out_tongue:

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Idk, looks like Leela tries to pass. If you force her to play anyway, obvious it’ll be one of the two losing moves.



If you just look at the top right, ie. the rectangle between F1, S1, S12, and F12 then it appears to me as though there was a running fight coming out of the right side. Maybe that is what happened.



I am not sure we are understanding each other. The question was whether we can find a position so obscure Leela (or other bots) will have no idea to score it. I am NOT saying there are better (or other) moves to pick!!!. The “joke” is that Leela scores this position (and indeed both possible moves) as 99% winning chance for black. Which to any DDK is obviously nonsense (regardless of whether black passes or plays a move).

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And the fact that white tries to fill its eyes afterwards. I do think it’s some kind of bug though, when I try this position in lizzie it doesn’t give me a preview of moves to come



nah he literally just put random moves on the board because I told him to and then said put this on an online forum and see what people say



I’m surprised he played so few of the star points.



Looks beautiful.



Consider any stones played unconditionally alive (they cannot be captured).

To determine Black’s (White’s) area:

  1. Count all of Black’s (White’s) stones
  2. Count all the intersections that are closer to a black (white) stone than to a white (black) stone
  3. If there are an equal number of black and white stones equidistant to an intersection, ignore those stones. Determine the closest stone that does not have another opposite-coloured stone equidistant to that intersection. Assign the intersection to that colour.

Black (175) - White (186). White wins by 11 points before komi.

Thoughts? :slight_smile: