What do you think was the game losing move (9k) ? - What could I have done?


Just played a game and am always happy to give and receive support. If you have a few minutes and want to share your knowledge, would you take a look at this game and add a few comments about what you think the game losing move was and present an alternative sequence?

Any additional comments or a full review is of course welcome and greatly appreciated! Thank you!

An early mistake was to let black capture R7 without getting much in return.

H5 looks better than H4, but white got away with it because black played a slow move at F2. Later on the cut at H7 was a strong move.

The loss of the top left was a catastrophe, and could easily have been avoided by playing F13, or later C15.

I think P17 was a good move, but Q13 should have been played before O13.

Thanks so much SanDiego! Very useful and perceptive. I agree, the top left was a totally unnecessary and devastating loss.

In my opinion, move 94 was the losing move. Black 95 killed white’s group quietly–a huge loss–but White could have won a ko for life. See my variation in the game. White’s moves 94-98 are something interesting and worth learning. Without getting too technical I showed a quick ko fight using White’s two local threats to save the group.